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Liberals Playing the Race Card Again!

Don't you just hate it when the Liberals play the race card!

Well from today's NY Times, here they go again:

The 60-to-36 vote for confirmation was also preceded by a depressing debate. There was the usual comic opera of these Senate votes, with the president's party piously denouncing all opposition as outrageous politicking and the opposition piously denying it. But this debate had a sinister overtone as well: in a ham-handed way, the Republicans tried to portray a vote against Mr. Gonzales as an act of bigotry.

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, declaring that "I love the Hispanic people," warned that Hispanic Americans were "sensing there's something unfair going on." Using that "more in sorrow than in anger" tone that senators reserve for their most blatantly political comments, he added, "I suspect there's more than politics being played here."

...Oh sorry. That was the Conservatives playing the race card.

My bad. ;o)

Playing the race card is low,

Playing the race card is low, but I do think the role reversal is kind of funny. Conservatives have had this dirty trick pulled on them for decades. I bet Orrin Hatch and the gang are savoring this moment.

Liberals love minorities...

...just not conservative minorities.

Nothing irks liberals more than a minority with a non-liberal point of view.

From Miguel Estrada to Janice Rogers Brown to Condi Rice to Alberto Gonzalez...the most "controversial" Bush nominees are inevitably minorities who don't "know their place" as tools of the Democratic Party.

All true.

Yes, you are certainly right that the liberals still hold a commanding lead when it comes to playing the race card. Still, it was disappointing for me to see Orrin Hatch stoop this low - I have always liked Orrin Hatch.

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"Conservative minorities" was from me. Sorry.

It's funny that you mention l

It's funny that you mention liking Orrin Hatch, because I really don't like him ...

A while back he was actually pushing the idea of passing legislation to force all personal computers to be "equipped" with a device that would cause them to self-destruct if found to be illegally downloading copyrighted material. Read about it here.

Not only would Hatch's plan be virtually impossible to implement, but it would also be an outright violation of due process and the notion of "innocent until proven guilty".

You know ... that reminds me of a certain Provo ordinance ...

Conservative minorities

I agree with you that liberals are sometimes irked by minorities who have adopted conservative politics. To a certain degree, however, I believe they are justified in being "irked". To illustrate:

1. Alberto Gonzalez is famously the son of migrant Mexican farm workers. Or in terms that the ultraconservatives would understand: He is a foreigner who was educated in the U.S. using American tax dollars. This is precisely the sort of thing condemned by the far right, and defended by the left. Bluntly put - Alberto Gonzalez owes some small portion of his success to the efforts of liberals to thwart the misguided initiatives of the far right. That they would be irked with Gonazalez then, is somewhat understandable.

2. Condolezza Rice (as we have heard over and over) grew up in an atmosphere of Segregation. Many kudos to her for having overcome this environment - which was enforced by conservatives and opposed by liberals. Bluntly put - if there were no liberals, Condi Rice would never have been allowed to be our Secretary of State.

Now, please understand... I am not suggesting that all minorities must be liberals. I am simply pointing out that the frustration that some liberals feel when they see a minority abandon their camp is completely understandable and somewhat justifiable.

oh ... and it gets better


Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) suggested Tuesday that people who download copyright materials from the Internet should have their computers automatically destroyed.

But Hatch himself is using unlicensed software on his official website, which presumably would qualify his computer to be smoked by the system he proposes.

Read the rest

I agree. Another thing that

I agree. Another thing that bugs me is that, when I disagree with someone who thinks that the Geneva Conventions are "quaint," I am automatically a racist since the man who said that is of Mexican descent.

Conservative Minorities vs. the Liberal Establishment

Show me a high ranking liberal minority. And when I say high ranking I mean somebody who holds a powerful cabinet position, party leadership postion or a seat on the highest courts in the land.

I'll give you a little help... those people don't exist. For all of the preaching of equality that comes from the left where is the proof that they actually practice what they preach? They've been pretty good at moving women in to prominent positions (Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Janet Reno, Nancy Peloisi to name a couple) but where are the true minority leaders? People on the outside looking in don't count. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Johnnie Cochran, and other people who fit in that grouping are just noise.

Look at the conservatives in comparision. Clarence Thomas is sitting on the Supreme Court bench, Alberto Gonzalez is the Attorney General, Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice BOTH have been the nation's top diplomat. These aren't just figurehead appointments either. Every single minority elevated by the conservative power base has been very qualified to do the job they were hired to do.

The justification of the liberal outrage is a joke. Some of the world's worst racists were liberals. Look at George Wallace, Democrat governor of Alabama standing in front of the Univesity of Alabama blocking two black students from registering. Robert Byrd, currently a senator from West Virginia was a strong supporter and member of the KKK. When Trent Lott was removed from power because of his comments about Strom Thurmond it was because Thurmond had run from President on a segregationalist platform. Yet less than a year later Robert Byrd said on national TV "There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time; I'm going to use that word." yet nobody denounced him or called for his head on a silver platter.

The left is like a bad pimp using minorities as prostitutes to get power. I heard somebody say once that the conservatives at the top were a bunch of old white men trying to maintain their power. I think that whoever said that got it wrong. It's the liberals who have made sure that the top echelons of their leadership are racially pure. The left is obsessed with one thing... being in power. Doing what is right for people is a distant second.

Say what you will about conservatives... but I ask again, where are the high ranking minority liberals leading the party and the nation? The left is a bunch of posers playing the race card every chance they get because THAT is what gives them any chance of power.

Orrin Hatch

I had not heard of this. Interesting reading. Thanks.

Pimps!? How many white pimps

Pimps!? How many white pimps do you know? Gotcha!

Liberal Minorities

You lost me dJake. I can't believe that you're arguing that Liberals intentionally exclude minorities from high-level positions. Is that what you're arguing? You can't be serious.

And are you really saying that George Wallace and Robert Byrd were "liberals" during the civil rights years? Hmmmm... I don't think so.

Well, I guess I'll play along, but this line of reasoning seems very surreal to me.

You have defined leadership positions thusly:

Show me a high ranking liberal minority. And when I say high ranking I mean somebody who holds a powerful cabinet position, party leadership postion or a seat on the highest courts in the land.


Thurgood Marshall, Donna Brazille, Donna Shalala.

Gee, that was easy.

I'm very serious

I made a pretty obvious flaw in overlooking Thurgood Marshall. I don't know why or how, but history evaded me for a second.

I believe it us up until Clinton came into power that cabinet level positions were held by white men. Makes sense, white men are the majority in the nation. I believe he had 4 African-Americans on his Cabinet throughout most of his presidency. What I am referring to is the "big 4" (Defense, State, Treasury, Attorney General) in terms of powerful positions. Positions which give that person an incredible sphere of influence and power.

Wallace and Byrd were both "liberals." They ran on a liberal platform that included segregation. People who ran on that platform weren't all that uncommon back in that time frame because it was politically acceptable to be that way. I give you examples of Theodore Bilbo, Al Gore, Sr., Fritz Hollings and Lester Maddox. Robert Byrd and Fritz Hollings (both still in the Senate as Democrats) both continue to use racial slurs, at times being caught by the national media.

Which brings me to the liberal bias in the media. Byrd and Hollings never ever get called on their BLATANT racial slurs, while Trent Lott get dragged through the mud for even suggesting that the world might be a better place if an old, dying Senator would have been elected President.

Until liberals clean their house from both using the race card and bigoted members of Congress, then they can shut their collective traps about racial equality.



I have to tell you that I am absolutely amazed that you continue to argue that Liberals actively seek to exclude minorities from leadership positions. Frankly, I find your position incomprehensible. Now that I've easily demonstrated that there are indeed liberal minorities in Democratic Presidential Cabinets, Party positions and on the Supreme Court, (which was your criteria), you've simply changed your definition of "leadership". Don't you realize how easily I could turn the tables on you and "prove" you wrong by simply creating my own definition of "leadership positions"? This is pathetic. Don't you realize that by your new definition, the Republican Party was as guilty as you claim the Democrats are until precisely four days ago?

One more thing...

Your idea that Governor Wallace and Robert Byrd were Liberals is absurd. I guess Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were conservatives then? What Liberal views did Wallace espouse? I am amazed that you believe this.

And one more thing...

There have been black members in Democratic Cabinets since LBJ. The first black Senator and the first black Congressman were Democrats. The first black Embassador to the UN was appointed by a Democratic President. The first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was appointed by a Democratic President. The first black Supreme Court Justice was appointed by a Democrat. I could go on, but this is all so painfully obvious...

Finally, out of morbid curiosity...

To what do you attribute this theoretical malice on the part of the Democrats - where they intentionally exclude minorities from power positions? Is it because they are bigots? Because I honestly can't imagine what other reason would make sense.