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BYU's Isotruss bike frame

My friend Tyler Evans made KSL news a few days ago because of the IsoTruss project he's been working on:


A group of Utah engineers may have revolutionized the way cyclists pedal through a race or down a mountainside. They've developed a remarkable, incredibly light bicycle frame, like no other you've seen.

BYU engineering senior Tyler Evans is riding a bike he and his colleagues made. A bike that could change the face of cycling. The frame is made with a unique open, free flowing matrix of composite materials, over-wrapped with kevlar fibers. The bicycle is extremely strong, but very light...

Tyler Evans, BYU Civil Engineering: “There are very few mountain bike frames that have gotten below three pounds, and we’re hoping to come well below that – even as far as 2.8 pounds, or maybe even more."

More info on the bike, including videos, can be found here.