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Finding NCMO T-Shirts available again

[Editor's note: I'm only allowing this to be posted because ... uh ... it's funny. And my roommate really wants the free shirt K.C. is going to hook me up with. Provo Pulse does not endorse this product ... or what it stands for. Void where prohibited. Offer only valid within the continental US. Actual mileage may vary.]

Limited Edition Finding NCMO T-shirts are available once again. My friends and I updated our out-of-print Finding NCMO T-shirts and they are now available in Black as well as White.

Finding NCMO

SALE Price $12.95 (Free Shipping)

Retail $15.00 + Shipping

Finding NCMO, isn't it about time?

Supplies are limited. First come, first serve.

If you're in the Provo area, and would like to purchase it directly from me and not have to wait for it in the mail, send an e-mail to me and we can arrange a meeting. And you'll still receive the SALE price.