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Two new LDS comedies from HaleStorm Entertainment

Sons of Provo is a mockumentary about a Mormon boy band trying to make it big (a la Jericho Road), while Mobsters and Mormons follows the adventures of a mobster who relocates to Springville, Utah through the witness protection program.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about all these Mormon comedies. I think they're funny, and I know that we should be able to laugh at ourselves, but don't these films inadvertently do us harm as well? Does the good outweigh the bad? I'm not sure what to think.

Mixed feelings...

I really enjoyed Singles Ward, kind of enjoyed The RM, didn't enjoy whatever the last one was I saw. In my opinion, they are being put out much too frequently, at a lower quality than could be expected. It's not like there is this huge need to fill this "new genre."

I also know that, for example, one of my good friends was very offended by Singles Ward because of the way it talked about converts (which he is). They just need to be a little more careful, and perhaps more spiritual, like The Best Two Years. The Church can have a laugh, but don't laugh at all the sacred stuff at the same time.

Sons of Provo is Awesome

I got a chance to see the sneak preview of "Sons of Provo" about a month ago, and it is hilarious. At first the movie was kind of weird because it's not filmed like a regular movie, but rather a documentary. (I know that documentaries are considered as movies).

Aside from the initial awkwardness of the documentary style of movie, it's a fun and laugh filled movie.

And apparently, if you go watch the movie this weekend, and then send in your ticket stub, you'll be sent a free Sons of Provo Soundtrack.

I thought that Single's Ward and the Best 2 Years were really funny, and Sons of Provo is just as entertaining.


I think its unfortunate that

I think its unfortunate that these filmmakers have such a lack of vision. They get a chance to make movies, something almost no one does, and they waste that chance on films that will affect only a tiny audience. They could be writing films that are universal, that gently teach the Gospel without being condescending, such as Saints and Soldiers, but instead Halestorm insists on going for the Lowest Common Denominator. "Look! Those Mormons eat Jell-o! Just like us! And I have never previously heard a 'Mormons eat Jell-o' joke! That is hilarious!"

Everclean performing 1pm Wednesday February 2nd at BYU

You're exactly right

I think The Best Two Years is the perfect example of how to approach this genre.

I can think it's funny, but. . .

I'm about where you are, Josh. I liked The Singles Ward and The R.M. but stopped watching The Home Teachers after about 5 minutes. That said, I've been listening to the Sons of Provo soundtrack for so long that I can't imagine NOT liking the film. And I'm kind of looking forward to Suits on the Loose (another HaleStorm release--although I'm not sure how much they had to do with making the film.) The URL is:

And you can read HaleStorm's summary of the film's plot here:

Sounds like it could be a fun movie. . .

Getting back to the whole issue of what things should and shouldn't be laughed at, I only hope the films don't start to decide this on the basis of who might be watching. That is, "it's OK to laugh at that AMONG OURSELVES, but we can't let THE OTHERS see us laughing at that. . ." I think if something's funny, it's funny--who cares how anyone else might look at it.

(The same problem crops up in other "specialized" comedy--among blacks, Jews, Catholics, "rednecks"--yeah, I guess there is "a line" that shouldn't be crossed but it shouldn't just be based on who's listening in.)

That was funny.

oh, man, that was a good one, Trey. Thanks for that. 'Mormons eat Jell-0 bit' that one is a classic.

Liken the Scriptures

I almost hate to admit this, but some of my favorite LDS DVDs are the Liken the Scriptures series. The first one--I Will Go and Do--deals with Nephi getting the brass plates back from Laban (basically 1 Nephi 1 through 5) and the second one--A Mighty Change Of Heart--tells the story of Ammon and King Lamoni (Alma 17 through 19). I think I am probably waiting for the third one--One Smooth Stone--even more than the kids in Primary it is aimed at. The third one tells the story of David and Goliath from the Old Testament (1 Samuel 17).

I tell you, these DVDs are really good--great music and production values--some humor, too. Of course they are meant to tell scripture stories directly (although there is a "modern day" set of characters as well). But if the producers at One South Studios ever made a full-length film as entertaining as these DVDs, I think it would be great to see their work on the big screen.

Here Here Trey, My thoughts

Here Here Trey,
My thoughts exactly. Especially after seeing "New York Doll" and seeing what incredible things were possible.

A good version of 1 Nephi

Check this mini series out for a good version of First Nephi:

And for the Ammon and Lamoni one take a look at this:

Best of all: = Not driven by profits!