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John Stossel to speak at UVSC

Read about it here.

I love this guy. I wish I didn't have a one o-clock class tomorrow. Does anybody know if a transcript of his speech will be made available?

Most interesting indeed

Most libertarians I know are actually to the right of the Republican party. Their platform is pretty basic yet pretty powerful at the same time... The government shouldn't be in our lives taking away our rights and freedoms. Where as Republicans will try and tell you they want less government, the Libertarians will actuall act on it.

Daily Universe write-up

Here's the Daily Universe write-up on Stossel's speech:

I would call Stossel a right-leaning Libertarian

I think its more accurate to refer to him as a "right-leaning Libertarian".

Here's the title of his latest book:

Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media

He's definitely more Libertarian than Conservative though. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that his publisher suggested he add "...and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media" just to market the book better.

By the way does anybody else find it strange that members of the Media such as Stosser are constantly railing against, and warning us about, the "Liberal Media"? If members of the Media were really Liberal, wouldn't it better serve their purposes to feed us a constant stream of warnings about the "Mainstream Conservative Media"? Why doesn't the Liberal Media rail against the "Mainstream Conservative Media"? In fact, why have I never even heard that term used? ...Ever. ...By anyone.

It seems like there can only be two explanations:

1. The "Mainstream Liberal Media" hysteria is mostly a myth.
2. The Liberal Media is awfully inept at advancing their viewpoint.

For me, #1 is the more likely explanation.

And finally... I generally like John Stossel also.


i couldn't make it to his address, but i went to a discussion panel he had before it. he's a pretty interesting fellow. i'm surprised you love the guy considering his "left-wing" libertarian values which are a sharp contrast from what seems to be your view.

left-wing libertarian

about the only place where stossel's liberatarian views align with republicans' is his strong belief in capitalism. his views on homosexuality, drugs, trade, abortion, immigration, speech, big tobacco (which iteslf isn't necessary libertarian, but far from the republican view which has sided with tobbaco more than the democrats) and most everything else are far more left then most liberals.

according to stossel...

he called himself a left-wing libertarian.

i agree with #1 as well. besides the npr, i don't believe there even exists any liberal broadcast news media.