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"BYU should only look within church ranks for athletes"

I've wondered about this myself:

A few years back, BYU had a quarterback that pushed the Honor Code envelope as far as he could without being caught.

This year the Honor System of BYU and some of their recruited players hit the bottom of the septic tank. And made front page headlines.

Why does BYU have to go outside its church boundaries to recruit these young men that probably had disciplinary problems where they were staying when they were recruited for BYU?

Certainly a church with 12 million members worldwide should be able to ...

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The problem is getting *good*

The problem is getting *good* football players. Further even a lot of good Mormons don't necessarily want to come to BYU. They may have better offers from other schools and some frankly just don't like the atmosphere.

I'd agree, but...

Can anybody tell me where Ben Olsen is going to be playing football when August rolls around???


He'll be playing for UCLA.

This is why

And this here is a wonderful example of why the concept of getting all LDS players to come to BYU will never work. It sure helps when the Y is doing good in basketball and football, but off years like this? Not a chance that we pick up any of these fools, they wanna go where the programs are good and strong where they can make a name for themselves. Ben Olsen will be playing at UCLA, and they'll probably lose to USC for the next two years, after that, in theory UCLA could have a wonderful two year run owning the PAC-10.

my favorite line

Let our world wide missionaries be the scouts, mission presidents the recruiters, We cannot fail.

Ha. We fail the minute we start focusing on sports in the Church.

Just as the Brethren got rid of sports at BYU-Idaho, eventually BYU (Provo) will either have no NCAA sports at all, or a drastically scaled back program.