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Are the BYU Cheerleaders' uniforms immodest?

I sometimes hear people bring up the fact that our cheerleaders uniforms don't comply with the Honor Code, but I've never heard anyone debate about whether they should actually comply or not.

After reading today's Daily Universe article, what do you guys think?

Personally, I've got no problem with them. With all the flippin' and tumbling and what-not, it seems a little ridiculous to wear uniforms with sleeves and knee-length skirts.

One more thing

And by the way, I see nothing wrong with their uniform.
OK, two more things...
Lisa, I hope you fart in front of thousands who think the same way you do. I'm not saying this to be mean but it sounds like you really don't know what you're talking about. Ignorance isn't always bliss Darlin'.


Why do you keep telling me to grow up?! You grow up and stop being a jerk! I was saying that they WERE immodest! You know, people DO post comments and the previous comments move DOWN. Don't tell me to grow up when you have no idea what your talking about.


Ok, I am sorry I have been so "grumpy". I truly am. But that girl kept saying stuff, and I was having a bad day that day. I AM a nice person. People like me. And I already let my gas out this morning.:)This whole thing turned into something big. Why did you post a comment if it wasn't about the article? If you're going to say something, say something about the article and not about someone. It defeats the purpose.




I don't get you. Being modest doesn't mean you have to wear sweaters. You should know that because you are old enough to wear garments, and you should also know how sacred they are and shouldn't be talked about on a website.


Good 4 u. I agree.

U know what? It is really

U know what? It is really hard to tell if you are a stupid girl who hasn't grown up yet, or a stupid boy who WANTS to look at the outfits. Keep your comments to yourself if you have nothing important to say.

Cheerleader pictures!

Do I sense your motives are not altogether altruistic? Shame on you!

My request for pictures, on the other hand, was entirely appropriate. Obviously, a truly scientific decision on this weighty matter can only be properly acheived once we have perused true-color, high-resolution photos of each young woman's soft, supple contours adorned in revealing outfits, in various seductive poses.

(By the way, I think a really good new topic for a post would be: "Are bikinis Immodest?" Of course, this topic would also require considerable research.)



As a rule, I don't respond to ad hominen attacks, but I think I'll make an exception here simply because I found your phrasing so creative, that I wanted to compliment you on it.

...LaurenceB's other comments, which seem to drop like monkey turds from a jungle canopy...

Pretty funny stuff. :)

Take care! (Sorry you don't like me. But I'll get over it.)

yeah Spencer, I was wondering

yeah Spencer, I was wondering about that, since Summer is your wife's name.

you are so right because the

you are so right because the Lord is allll about oppresion! rock on to an lds culture void of womans sports all together. and men who beat the women into suppresion for uncovering their faces! hooorah for middle eastern customs!

Thanks Osama

Amen to ya man


It's a word a friend of mine made up to describe the Pharisaic attitudes of too many people in Happy Valley


How is it that she doesn't know what she's talking about? Just because YOU don't think that there's anything wrong with their uniforms, doesn't mean that we have to agree with you and if we don't, we don't know what we're talking about.

And who detemines if its

And who detemines if its important or not? Because in my own opinion, I'd rather listen to what they have to say than your own snide comment. Perhaps you should listen to your own advice.


I can kind of see your point in this. But, I also don't see how you can say someone is "jealous" because they are wearing miniskirts.I just don't get it. No one is saying that to be modest, they HAVE to wear ankle length skirts, because they don't. They could just be a little longer. If the prophet doesn't like it, then it's probably not good. Oh,and when you talked about stereotyping others, you just did it yourself.

Grow up

With a name like Cadybell I can see why you are angry!


Just because other cheerleaders wear hardly anything, doesn't mean BYU cheerleaders have to. I see people do flips all the time in shorts that go TO THEIR KNEES and in short sleeve shirts. There is no excuse for immodesty. Our girls should be an example to others, because we already get enough fingers pointing at us.

not my wife

Thank goodness that wasn't my wife! I talked to her yesterday and she said she hasn't been to the site in about a month. Now I can stay happily married.

I'm positvie the last time I

I'm positvie the last time I checked the BYU cheerleaders did have something on that wasn't "hardly anything." I applaud your decision that our cheerleaders should look grungy and unproffessional by wearing shorts and shirts compared to cheerleading uniforms. (I apologize for being sarcastic. I do need to stop that.) I think the squad looks clean-cut and proffessional with what they wear. If you want to judge them then go right along and do just that. Nothing I or others can say will ever prevent you from doing that.
Its sad but I should probably warn you that when others point their fingers at us its usually because of the close-minded comments we tend to make.
I agree there is no excuse for immodesty but our cheerleaders are not being immodest. I would hate to see you go swimming or attend a track meet. They're called legs, get over it. Pretty soon I'll be reading about how Michalengelo's David shoud be burned. ...Geez...


Ok, who are you talking to? My comments aren't snide.


My NAME isn't Cadybell, and I WAS angry that day. I am not usually so angry, but when people say dumb things that don't make sense, it makes me upset. There is nothing wrong with my username. Don't tell me to grow up either.


My NAME isn't Cadybell, and I WAS angry that day. I am not usually so angry, but when people say dumb things that don't make sense, it makes me upset. There is nothing wrong with my username. Don't tell me to grow up either.


Wow. You are really rude. And if it was sarcastic, why didn't you erase it? You weren't sorry at all.And i don't know why you always comment on My comments. I'd hate for you to see me go swimming too. Swimsuits are a whole lot different than cheerleader's uniforms. I didn't know that they were called legs! Thank you! I needed to know something that I learned when I was three. They don't have to look "Grungy" and "unprofessional". What is your problem, anyway? Oh, and I was surprised to learn that you actually read. Maybe people point fingers at us because of people like you, who think that they are right about everything. It's like you're saying the prophet and the other leaders of the church are saying things that get fingers pointed at us....Geeze...

In a related note....

I went to Hooters the other day...

It was actually kind of annoying. All of the girls walking around, knowing they were there to be sex objects. Total turn off. I've seen bikinis before. Even a normal one piece left less to the imagination than their outfits.

The difference was, the Hooters girls were trying to look like hookers.

A big point here is intent. Is the outfit appropriate for the occasion? Most would say yes, especially when swim and track and gymnastics are considered.
In my high school, the football team and cheerleaders would wear their uniforms on game nights. The swim team (thankfully) did not. Neither did the track team-- my legs looked pretty funny with the thigh-length farmer's tan anyway.

Two words: Time and Place.
Or is that three?
For the record, LaurenceB's comment was hilarious. My condolences to those who did not appreciate the fact that he was carrying a inherently ridiculous argument to a sarcastic extreme.
Finally, hebetudinous. That's what this thread has quickly degraded to.


Everyone else had a 10 point extraneous bonus word. There's mine. Look it up.


im a high school cheerleader and a member of the chruch i try to be as modest as i can to cheer i get my shrit 2 inches longer (which isnt much in cheer if you know what i mean lol) but what is the diffences in our outfits and volley ball outfits!( theirs are worst than ours by the way) or swimming! ( they are wearing barely anything!!!) its a sport just like all the others!!! i hope people can understand that. i know that every one in my school knows i would never be seen in something short or immodest except my uniform and work out shorts!!!!

You already know the answer, or this chat wouldn't be necessary.

I definitly think they could be more modest and in fact just as many use the excuse to not where there garments to work out in and look for any excuse that is not to do so, it's a lack of understanding what we as latter-day saints really are and stand for. Many things could be done wearing the garment and the same should apply to the Cheerleading outfit. If we are to represent ourselves to the world then it should definitly be considered to make them more modest... It would be all the reason when they are at games that people question, hmm I wonder why there outfits are so much more modest then our cheerleaders. Maybe they would even look into investigating the church. Every small act can influence someone in the direction to the church. All you return Missionaries should know that, anything that can be used as a missionary tool should and can be whether it be dress and or are actions and words.As to many of the comments that have been posted I really think we shodl think before we post. Once you post something it will forever be on the internet. Be wise and use your texting/typing as missionary tool as was spoken of by Pres. Uctdorf this previous conf.


I am a 16 year old LDS young women who is both a dancer and a cheerleader.! I love BYU with all my heart and when I come to check a few things out this is what I find? A bunch of ignorant people who have to make rediculous comments on weather or not the BYU cheerleaders are modest?! Look here people since obviously you havent been in a sport/activity where wearing certian items of cloaths are almost nessisary for a good perforance, the dancers and cheerleaders are only wearing what will help them succeed! you try doing a piroete and floor movement with jeans and a hoodie on, ya maybe it'll happen but will it be your best? try stunting and doing gymnastics with a eskimo outfit on. Nice try all of you who think that your comments can tare down BYU and their excellent teams.!
Sincerely, I'm more grown up at 16 then you'll ever be.!