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What to do if you're booted

Provo's booting ordinance is unconstitutional. Hopefully we can get it changed, but until then we'll just have to deal with it. Here are the steps that you should take (in my opinion) if you're the unlucky recipient of a boot:

  1. Call the police (Provo: (801) 852-6210). Demand that an officer be sent to keep the peace as well as to allow you to file an incident report. (This is your right.)
  2. Take pictures of everything to document the situation, including a picture of the booter once he comes to remove the boot. Send your picture to Booterwatch at
  3. With the both your booter and the officer on the scene, demand to see the following from the booter:
    • the contract between the booting company and the owner of the property on which you've been booted
    • the business license of the booting company
    • proof that whoever attached the boot actually works for the booting company
    • picture ID proving that the booter is who he claims to be
  4. If he cannot produce all of this, he has no proof that he's even complying with the city's booting ordinance, so you have the right to ask the police officer to make him remove the boot and arrest the booter for seizing your property illegally. (That would be grand theft auto, correct?)
  5. Whether your booter produces all of these documents or not, be sure to file an incident report with the officer stating that your 4th and 14th amendment rights have been violated.

If we start standing up for our rights we can get this ordinance replaced by one which uses ticketing and is enforced by the local government instead of a private, profit-motivated company utilizing a commissions-based pay structure for its employees.

I'm sure the city police chief won't be very ... happy about all the time his officers are having to spend dealing with booting incidents, but I don't think he'll have much a choice. He'll have to pressure the mayor to do something to fix this situation which will hopefully lead to the city council taking action to change the ordinance.

Students have been complaining about the booting ordinance to the city council for years. But they know who got them elected--and it wasn't Provo's transient student population--so nothing is ever done.

But it doesn't have to be this way. If we start standing up for our rights and raise a ruckus about the injustice we're being subjected to, things will change.


Or, you could NOT PARK ILLEGALLY! How many times do I have to tell all you fools! Don't park illegally, and you won't get a boot. I go to UVSC and I can handle that brain buster.

If you are unfortunate enough to be booted even though you park legally, don't be a jerk about it. You've probably made mistakes at your job before. For all the crap I hear about you people trying to be Christ-like and righteous you sure do jump down people's throats for making a mistake.


I hear people mitch and boan all the time about booters "stealing" their property.

The truth is, when someone parks illegally,
they have initiated a theft of property. That
parking stall is property, the right of the landlord and the residents of the complex.

And so a conflict over property has arisen;
for the booted vehicle and the occupied stall. The question is who is to blame? The person
initiating the conflict of property rights, who in this case, is the person who parked illegally.

This is why booting ordinances are not illegal. Thousands of municipalities have them, and they have been challenged and upheld thousands of times for the logic I have presented.

Also, I love your site Mason, but what do you hope to accomplish by publishing the photos of the grunts in the industry you are trying to defeat? Why not find out who OWNS the companies as well as who OWNS the complexes they contract with? Put their pictures/contact information online. THAT would do alot.

No elected official is going to give a rats ass about what a bunch of non-voting students think. Go after the booting company owners and apartment owners (all of this information is in public record). If you need help getting the information, email me at

Keep up the good work on the site.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Back in the original booterwatch thread somebody pointed out that all you have to do is take your tire off of your car, put on the spare and deal with the booted tire later. The logic works as such... they are putting their property on my property and as the owner of the property I can as I please with my property. Booted tire goes in the trunk, ride around on the donut for a day or two.

Food for thought though... Spencer is right. Just don't park where you will get booted. It is MUCH more effective than trying deal wtih some buttwipe who has your car by the proverbial balls. I don't like booters very much, but they wouldn't be in business if people weren't parking where they shouldn't be.

That being said, if you're ever in a pinch, read the first paragraph again.

get your facts straight

dude, you really should consider reading the provo city laws about booting and towing issues, because you might want to get your facts right.

that's the problem spencer

This is a guilty until proven innocent scenario, and the guy making the judgement call on whether someone is guilty or not is profit-motivated--he's paid on commision. Maybe your friend Marshall isn't a bad guy, but you have to admit that this is a system that is set up to be corrupt from the very beginning.

No where else in our judicial system are we held guilty until proven innocent, and I don't believe we should start making exceptions just because your buddy is an "honest" booter--if such a thing exists.

Nice advertisement Tom

Nice advertisement Tom.

You're actually wrong about this. Provo's ordinance is unconstitutional. Logan's is too. Professor David R. Daines who teaches at USU has actually filed a lawsuit a few months ago on behalf of USU student Quinn Millet against the City of Logan because of their unconstitutional booting ordinance. Read about it here. Professor Daines is a former federal judge ... he knows his stuff.

And BTW, the Provo and Logan ordinances are nearly identical. Both are unconstitutional.


I'm glad you enjoyed my Raphie the Zoobie graphic. Lots of fun, huh?

That lawsuit, by adjucnt Professor Daines, has gone no where. It was dropped, I beleive after it quickly lost its steam. (BTW- your reasoning that your position is correct because a former judge agrees is a ad verecudium (sp?) fallacy.

What about the idea of getting the contact information of the booting company's owners.

With booting being such a widespread practice, if it were unconsitutional, it would have been determined as such by now.

Legal means aren't your answer. Booting isn't illegal, but it is still a really scummy practice. I manage student housing and won't use booters because of that. GO AFTER THE OWNERS. Put their information on Booter Watch. You'll really harangue them and probably get some decent press from something other than the Daily Universe.