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Anti-Ashlee Simpson petition

You can sign it here.

There's some funny quotes about it in today's Daily Universe article.

Ashlee is a poor singing moronic idiot

Ashlee Simpson is probably one of the worst singers ever to penetrate the pop scene. Actually, no, that's to nice. SHE IS THE WORST SINGING POP STAR EVER. All she does is attempt to sing and dance. She thinks she is the shit because she has her own T.V. show on Mtv and the younger sister of another infamous dumbass, Jesiica Simpson. I think that the pop scene's scraps could be saved if you got this prick off of it PRONTO.

There's no such word as shit

There's no such word as shit or for that matter, Jesiica.

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Unfotunately, 2.5 albums sold

Unfotunately, 2.5 albums sold will always speak louder than 220,000 signatures on an electronic petition. I just think its funny that people expend so much energy on this ridiculous non-issue, when they should be worrying about real issues, such as Playboy mass-mailing BYU students subscription cards.

blog devoted to Kenny

I have a blog devoted solsly to Kenny Mcnett at
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Lay of Ashlee

You Ashlee really need to get a life. What in the hell do you think gives you the power to try and stop someone from making a career, I don't think one damn petition is going to stop her from doing anything. You guys really need to let this go. Live your lives stop trying to devote your time, energy to ruin someone else's. Ashlee is a really nice person who just so happen to have this unfortunate event happen to her. Leave Ashlee alone.

Attention Anonymous Ashlee Fans

As your name implies, your are anonymous cowards. Totally spineless worthless fans of total garbage. If I had the marketing machine behind me with a ridiculously hot sister to back me up I'd sell 2.5 million albums too. Watch SNL and her Orange Bowl performance, that is the true measure of performer. Ashlee Simpson sucks, and while I can't do anything to stop her from performing her garbage, that won't stop me and the other 6 billion people who didn't buy her albums from (A) not liking her and (B) complaining about her complete lack of skills.

Ashlee who?

its sad....ashlee simpson is just a media created celebrity....i thought it was so classy when she blammed her band on SNL....way to go Ashlee!!! Don't worry everyone...i don't think she'll be around for much longer


She is such an idiot. She can't sing and she's so borind!


i think that this is soooooo hilarious that people hate her so much to actually petition her and her music label. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

ashlee ...

Well...she cant sing..HOW CAN PEOPLE LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the petition is dumb

wow ok

well im not a coward my name is JEN. i think its horribly ridiculous that people have time to start a retarded petition. im a huge slipknot, dope, disturbed...etc fan ok and well ashlee may not be as amazing as these bands...she's making money and well your not.....and you say there are soooo many people that hate her well guess what i know MANY Ashlee fans. i do agree that shes as famous as she is because of her STUPID sister....but she is trying to be different then her sister and making a name for herself....and i know you all think that name goes something like dumbass....think of it this way she probably thinks that same thing about people who waste their time starting crap like this because well no matter how much you dislike her... she's famous...and if you don't care about her why bother with this petition.....its stupid and a waste of time...shes making money there fore so is her music label so why should they loose money by not letting her sing. this is pointless and a waste of time get a life and ashlee keep it up girl show these no bodies what you've got cuz well.....they make wanna their face...just for fun.....if you dont get it sing it in the tune of Lala....and if you know that dont hate her that much....later dayz!

this honestly has to be the s

this honestly has to be the saddest thread of conversation we've ever had ...

I'm not sure where all of these folks are coming from ... I'm guessing they're people who randomly came across the site while searching for ashlee simpson on google.

This article is the third google result when searching for "anti ashlee simpson" ... and provopulse's webstats show that 45 people have come across this site in the last three days using search phrases containing the strings "ashlee" and "simpson".

At least I'm hoping that's the cause I can attribute all these junior high school comments to, and that it's not LaurenceB posting anonymously again ...

(Just a joke Laurence ... =)

you want to get hits?

if you do a metacrawler video search for erotic massage, you get my blog. un beknownst to me, i host p0rn


No offense taken.

We thirteen year-olds don't really care one way or the other about Ashlee Simpson. But if we did, we would post our opinion in a mature, grown-up manner. Experience has taught us that our brand of humor is not appreciated by all. ;=)


All of you are just a bunch of haters who have a low self-esteem and the only way to feel good is by hating on Ashlee.


ashlee kicks ass she is awesome and get a life losers she can sing a lot better than u



This continues to be the sadd

This continues to be the saddest thread in the history of Provo Pulse. =)

Thankfully the bulk of these comments aren't coming from actual byu / uvsc students.

I hate Ashlee S.

She thinks she's so "punk rawk" just because she had an anarchy sign behind her while she was performing.

You guys/girls are all losers

You guys/girls are all losers. Find ways to better spend your time cause while your on your computer dissin' Ashlee Simpson, for whatever reason, whether its a lipsync issue, or she "has no talent" she still has her own show, her own cd, her own Lexus, her own multi-million dollar house, and the money keeps comin' in for her. It comes down to the all-mighty dollar and she knows how to get it. She's hot as hell too. Konichiwa b****es!


Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Evidently I've stumbled onto the secret to search engine optimization. All you've got to do is place the phrase "anti ashlee simpson" on your website and you'll start getting insane amounts of google traffic.

So far this month Provo Pulse has gotten roughly 200 visitors from google searches involving these three words. We're now the third google result for the words anti ashlee simpson.

Now if only all these people would click the google ads.

Please Levae Her Alone!

Please everyone i am begging you to leave Ashlee Simpson alone. I am like her biggest fan she rocks. Just because she made a couple of mistakes doesnt mean anyone on this planet has the right to critisise her, because no one on this earth is perfect. Would you start a petition if you were a bad cleaner missing a spot off dust on a table? I dont think so. This girl is just trying to live her dream and do what she wants and she isnt going to let anyone stand in her way. She is alot better than half the singers out there. Come on have you heard Britney Spears sing live? Obiviously not if you arent starting a petition about her. Have you seen Britney try to mime her song Me Against the Music? Lets just say she cant. Also all you people who think Ashlee's Acid Reflux was just an excuse. It actually wasnt ok, it was on her show about her not being able to perform. Please everyone i am begging you leave her alone and get on with your lives!


watching all of these pre teens defend her is absolutely hilarious. They tell us to get on with our lives, they are the one's taking the time to search for anti ashlee simpson just so they can defend her.

Well, there goes the rest of

Well, there goes the rest of my faith in humanity. Thanks a lot, teenagers.


i think ashlee can sing,she is the BEST.
i love her sister jessica too,she sings better

Ashlee can't sing.....she is

Ashlee can't sing.....she is way in the shadow of her sister, who at least sounds good when she 'tries to sing' i.e. she makes it look good. Ashlee is just a great big pretender.


Before and after pics. Seems she just woke up punk one day and started screaming(singing)!

Other stuff

I think ashlee had a good gig with 7th Heaven and she should've stuck with that because she was pretty decent.

ashlee cannot sing

ashlee simpson cannot sing to save her life and it hurts everyone's ears when she tries to hit those high notes but just ends up screeching at the top of her lungs. she doesn't deserve to be poor and it's very sad that she had a number 1 album when there are WAY more talented artists out there. it's really no fair and she is annoying. so is hilary duff.

Somebody posted a comment ask

Somebody posted a comment asking if Ashlee Simpson being a millionaire justified your "suckage" as he/she so cooly put it (probably a stoner). My response to that is, its not a matter of justifying her questionable talent with the amount of money she has, its a matter of comparing her living/lifestyle situation to yours. Look what she is doing and where she is going with her life compared to what your probably doing. And Latrell Sprewell saying what he had to say negotiating his contract was more figurative than actual fact. How bad do the Timberwolves want Latrell to be a part of their organization? And that can only to be expressed in dollar form. Its simple supply and demand, people are willing to pay a lot of money to see good players play, so if other dudes are getting paid, why shouldn't he? Granted NBA players are paid rediculously too much, players still don't want to get shortchanged compared to others of the same caliber. Say you worked at Mcdonalds, would you appreciate some cook who has the same schedule as you and does as good of a job as you and has started to work there at about the same time as you, to be paid like 4 dollars more and hour than you. Would you feel appreciated? You seem like a burger flipper. Konicheewa B*****s!