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BYU hockey player, Jaxon Logan, suffers heart attack

We don't have too many details on this but here's Zachv's account of a player's heart attack during last night's hockey game.

Does anyone know more about this?

Update: Unfortunately, Jaxon never recovered from his impact-induced heart attack.

This is a real tragedy. More details here.

Update #2: The Daily Universe's article can be found here.

Update #3: Here's coverage from KSL.

commotio cordis

i talked to icecats assistant coach, nick harker, saturday at 24hour fitness. they called off friday's game after the incident and cancelled saturday's game as well. everybody seems to be in shock.

funeral service information is on the BYU hockey website.

I heard that he died

I heard that he died

From The Daily Universe's art

From The Daily Universe's article:

'From the moment he realized Logan was hurt to when he personally escorted him across the ice, Hymas never left Logan.

“I couldn’t leave his side,” Hymas said. “I knew this was it and I just wanted to watch him go to the Lord, and let him know I support him in everything he does.”'

What great people, great examples.

Cassie (All Of Us From Palmer, AK)

I'm from Jaxon Logans home town, and when i found out what had happened i broke down in tears.. he had touched so many lives here you wouldn't believe it. I atteneded Jaxons funeral, hundreds showed up. I watched all of his close friends and mine cry for hours, we all miss him so much. We all know he is with the lord, and we know he is happy. Thank you for everyone down at BYU that were friends to Jaxon, i know he loved you all.