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Claims of perjury in BYU rape case

Here's the gist of it:

Salt Lake Tribune

Charges against a former BYU football player accused of gang-raping a 17-year-old girl should be dismissed because a police detective perjured himself before a grand jury, according to a defense motion filed Friday.

The motion, filed by attorney Rhome Zabriskie, who represents Ibrahim Rashada, alleges Provo police Detective DeVon Jensen made false statements to a secret state grand jury that indicted Rashada and three other former football players in December...

Jensen denied committing perjury. He said he was using his own words to tell the grand jury what William Turner Jr., a former BYU football player also charged with rape, said during a police interview.

"There was no perjury. . . . [The motion] doesn't hold any water," Jensen said.

I'm wondering is what the consequences of this are. If the charges are dismissed this guy would be getting off completely free, even though he was involved in her rape, right?


The charges of perjury are completely bogus. Zabriskie is a moron.