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More caffeine than I thought

I just found this page on which gives the caffeine content of various beverages. I had no idea that a can of Coca-Cola had as much caffeine as a cup of black tea and half as much as a cup of coffee! Diet Coke is even worse. Then there's that nasty Red Bull stuff ... it's actually equal to a cup of coffee. Dang!

I used to be a huge coke drinker, then I cut out the soda all together, but I started up again before leaving on my mission. Since getting home, I really haven't drank much soda, and haven't drank any caffeinated ones ... besides maybe a Barq's root beer or Sunkist orange on accident. Whoever heard of orange soda with caffeine!?

All I can say is I don't miss the caffeine headaches and crummy, hollow, energy-less feeling I used to get a couple hours after drinking two or three cokes. I do miss the wonderful taste of an ice cold coke though. Dang, they're so good.

Do as I do

I drink LOTS of caffeine-free, diet Sam's Choice (the Walmart version of caffeine-free Diet Coke). 50 cents per bottle, no calories, no caffeine, no sodium, no nothing. It's just water with flavor and carbonation but it tastes sooooooo good (I think it tastes almost as good as caffeine-free Diet Coke and MUCH better than caffeine-free Diet Pepsi). ;)

Actually, don't do as I do

Ehhh, actually, don't do as I do. Don't drink caffeine-free diet Sam's Choice because there are never enough in the shelves at Walmart, and I want them all! (I usually buy about 7 a week).

If you run out of caffeine-fr

If you run out of caffeine-free diet Sam's Choice, I could just pour dirt into some carbonated water for you. I promise you won't even be able to tell the difference.
Nah, I just couldn't ever get used to it. I'm still haunted by the aftertaste.