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New booter photo

So tonight at about 8:45 I'm walking to my friend's apartment and notice a black Honda Accord with a magnetic University Parking Enforcement sign on its door pulling into the parking lot of Applewood apartments. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this guy's photo so I pulled my camera from my backpack, turned it on, and started to approach his car. I was planning on knocking on his window and getting him to roll it down so that I could snap his photo, but luckily I didn't have to. Still not seeing me, he opened his door and stepped out of his vehicle to get a closer look at some of the other cars, and before he knew what was happening I snapped his picture. He then said something like, "Whoa, what's this about?" as he walked up close to me. I responded with, "I just wanted your photo." And he said, "But what for?" And I said, "You're in a public place. It's my right to take it." And he said, "But why do you want it?" I said, "Because I'm collecting pictures of all you guys." I don't really remember what he said after that ... he was kind of caught off guard and didn't know how to respond. What I should have said was that it was going on Booterwatch for everyone to see, but I didn't think that quickly. While he was still standing there confused, I started to walk off, and sarcastically said, "Hey man, if you feel good about what you're doing, just keep on doing it."

Ahh ... finally, another addition to the our booter list:

Of course I wasn't able to get his name, but he was a pretty young guy, probably 23. He was about 6'4", had what looked like blond hair, and was driving a black Honda Accord with alloy wheels. It was somewhere in between a '98 and '02. If anybody knows this guy's name let us know.


I don't think going after the foot soldiers is the way to win the Booter Wars. These guys are just doing their job. So, who creates that job? That's right, the evil entrepreneurs who cloak their malicious practices in the name of captalism.

Seriously, this will only make a dent. To truly win, you need to go after the source: the boss. Otherwise, they can always get some joe blow who wants to make a nifty nickel. But put some pressure on the bosses, (i.e., put their names in the paper and contact information for all students to send thousands of rosy letters) and you will probably enact some change.

Or, you can continue to embarrass these guys, but you'll probably only get a feeling of subtle revenge without the real satisfaction of genuine change.

I'm missing the point

Would you rather they were towing cars? Or getting serious about enforcing parking tickets when people don't pay them?

Chicagot started doing body cavity searches on people who were arrested for failure to pay parking tickets (though they had to quit, see Mary Beth G.) and Texas has tried yanking their driving licenses.

Just for comparison.

I would love to have his numb

I would love to have his number, he is HOT!

Dear Mason

I was just wondering, why cant I click on the other two pics here and see their stories? You can only click on the middle one and read about it. Before you took the site down that one time, they were all available. Just curious.

hey i am new how do i set

hey i am new how do i set this page up can u help me

that can be arranged

All you have to do is violate one of the thousand rediculous parking laws and he will come to you. You might also be lucky enough to win a random booting for free. That is they don't charge you to put it on, only to take it off.

You are missing the point. . .

That story about the cavity search sounds interesting. Any links? When I googled Chicagot it asked if I meant Chicago, I didn't know what to tell it. And when I looked up Mary Beth G. I got a profile on a Geology teacher?