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UVSC poised to become a University

It has been hard to miss lately, but maybe in the stress of finals (or maybe you have been busy trying to determine which online bulletin board is right for you) perhaps some of you haven't heard that UVSC is pushing the state legislature to grant them university status. Of course this has been President Bill Sederburg's goal all along. He has said many times in the past few years that university status is inevitible...but recently he presented a formal request to the Board of Regents and UHEA. You can read the various stories here:

Deseret News
Daily Herald
Salt Lake Tribune

So what does this mean for students at UVSC? Well for one, Sederburg is asking the legislature to add $10 million in ongoing funding so that the school can hire more fulltime faculty, cut down on their adjunct dependence, and reduce teaching loads on existing faculty. So students can expect a bunch of new hires and maybe professors who are a little less stressed. They can also look forward to having University on their diplomas. As for advanced degrees the initial proposals indicate that there might be just a few programs: MBA, Nursing, Education.

I think this will be really beneficial to the valley, but I want to know what you guys think (especially you Cougars).

Top Priority

A new article in the Deseret News says that Utah Senate President John Valentine has made UVSC becoming a university his top priority for the upcoming legislative session.

10 Million for UVSC

In an article in today's Deseret News Arizona Philanthropist Ira Fulton said he wants to raise $10 million for UVSC this year, saying that if he has to, he'll pitch in most of the money himself. He is also challenging the state legislature to pony up the extra $10 million in continuous funding that the college needs to become a university.

All this comes on the heels of Fulton's latest generosity...On Thursday he wrote a check for $512,000, mathching funds raised by faculty, students, and staff throughout the year.

It also comes just before the State Legislature is set to convene. As I mentioned above Senate President John Valentine has said that UVSC becoming a university is his top priority.

In the Des News article is the latest results from a Dan Jones Survey on what Utahans think about the proposal. It looks like UVSC has its work cut out for them as a big chunk of Utah wither doesn't care or doesn't think adding another University is worth it.