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Not that kind of promise ring

The Promise Ring has been one of my favorite bands since hearing 30° Everywhere for the first time back in 1997. I'll admit to not liking them too much at first but after a couple listens I was hooked. It's interesting that they were one of the few bands there for both the rise and fall of the emo-pop genre and yet have still held it together, managing to innovate where others, like The Get Up Kids, could not. To be honest, I thought they'd sold out back in '99 with the release of Very Emergency, but thankfully was disproved with the release of Wood/Water in '02. Lately I've found myself listening to these guys more than ever before--even the old stuff I thought I was sick of.

Here's a sampling for your listening enjoyment:

            The Promise Ring - Red and Blue Jeans

Cool Song Mason

When I lived in Olympia, WA a long time ago my roommate used to listen to this early emo (pre-emo?) band, Treepeople, nonstop on our portable fold-up record player. It was the kind you stack records on and it drops them down one at a time. I didn't used to like them until I saw them at Bumbershoot. Ah, the northwest. All angsty damp wooded with it's serious as cancer indy music scene. Here's a sample:

two to the cherry coke

These guys are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone. Its true that you have to listen to them a couple of times through before you realize how good they are. The CD Nothing Feels Good is also a really good.

another emo band

i am partial to the now defunct band, The Anniversary. if you're familiar with them, i'd say don't waste your time with the new incarnation, The Only Children. big disappointment.

An ASCII tribute to The Promise Ring

Thought you might appreciate an ascii tribute we made for The Promise Ring. I made it available on this page:

Here is a link to their page on the emusic site:

You can also get 50 free downloads while you're there.

Happy Holidays,
the eMusic ascii fan art team

I saw them play

I saw them play in Austin back in like '98 or '99, and they were awesome. I'm not sure why I haven't paid much attention to them since though.

They were opening for the Get Up Kids along with The Gloria Record. I remember going just to see the Get Up Kids play ... and they were supposed to be getting on at like 11 pm. Before leaving the house my parents were all on my case saying that I had to be home by midnight, but I persuaded them to let me stay out until 1:00. They said that if I wasn't home by 1:15 they'd "come looking for [me]". Ridiculous. Anyway, it seems like the first band didn't even start until 9:30 ... and worst of all, the get up kids didn't start playing until like 12:50 ... I remember them being so anal with their sound checks before getting started ... it was like the eternal sound check. Ah! I couldn't believe it. I was so ticked. And worst of all we were all the way downtown so we'd have to leave at 1:00 just to make it home in time.

Yeah, I saw about two songs. What a rip. =)

They were my favorite band at the time, but have since sold out, so i haven't seen any point in seeing another of their shows.


never got into get up kids, though i have a couple cd's. the anniversary just did the two albums ('designing a nervous breakdown', and the more diverse 'your majesty') and did a split ep with superdrag that is excellent. and then they went away.

also got into sunny day real estate big time a few years back. excellent, but more on the power pop side of emo. and if you like jeremy enigk's voice (most people don't), you should check out his solo stuff. very robyn hitchcock sounding.