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What are you giving Jesus for christmas?

i needed a little break from paper writing, so i went to our ward's fhe tonight. the bishop told a little story and then said that we need to think about giving Jesus a present. what are we going to give him? not an ipod, he says.

i'm sure most in the room were thinking "ooh, i'll give him a broken heart and a contrite spirit" "i'll give him my prayers" "i'll give him more of my faith" "i'll give him 20 minutes of scripture reading"

i think Jesus would almost rather have an ipod, but i'm not sure what to give him this year.

last year i gave Jesus harry potter and captain underpants. i've never read captain underpants, but one of my cousins loved it, so i thought Jesus would appreciate it too.

not to sound braggish, but last christmas eve i met up with one of my old roommates for some breakfast at the village inn. yeah... i know... why would i brag about that. lots of people do that. i'm not done with the story stupid.

after breakfast, i went over to barnes and noble to window shop (i usually order my books through amazon). in the center of the store there was a little tree with ornaments labeled "boy, age 14" "girl, age 8" "girl, age 4" etc... these all represented under-priveledged kids who didn't have much. grab an ornament, pick out a book, pay at the register, kid gets a brand new book for christmas... not some crappy, beat up hand me down.

girl, age 12 got harry potter, books 1, 2, and 3. boye, age seven got the captain underpants collection.

"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

this was by far, the highlight of my christmas.


I love stories like that. They make me feel good. Then I usually feel guilty if I don't do anything.

Time for change

I think its time for me to make some changes this holiday. I focus enough on finding my family great gifts, but hardly ever give a second thought to anyone outisde my world. This sounds like something I could catch on to.

dJake is this really necessar

dJake is this really necessary? Ok, you have your free agency to get rich if you really want to, but c'mon! Do you have to do it here... this? For shame!