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What brings you to Provo?

Oh my goodness

I can't believe that more people have voted that they came to school in Provo simply to get an education and not to get married. What is wrong with you people? I am not joking when i say that. Do you want to get married? If you do then when and where do you expect to meet the person you want to marry? Here in Provo where there is a huge selection of available singles or back in your home town where there are WAY fewer options to choose from? Don't you feel any urgency? And i don't mean urgency as in panic, i mean urgency as in righteous desire to become a husband / wife and father / mother.

With an attitude like this it's no wonder that lots of people seem like they're not even trying to make an effort to move toward marriage. The reason why is because they're simply uninterested in doing so.

I simply fail to understand this attitude. I mean i have ZERO understanding of this attitude. It just makes no sense. None.

Let's Be Honest, People

I agree--I think the stigma of people coming to Provo just to get married is causing reverse psychology or something to happen. Either people don't want to admit that they want to get married while they're here, or they really try to prove all those people who said they'd be engaged in six months or less wrong. Either way, shouldn't getting married be our top priority while we have so much selection?

give me a break

Maybe I am just being nit-picky, but perhaps we should look at the question again. "What brings you to Provo?" I came to Provo to go to BYU and get an education. Now if you want to ask me, "do you want to get married while in Provo?" then I'll say, "sure, if I meet somebody here that I want to marry," but wanting to get married is not what brought me to Provo. That is an endeavor that can be undertaken wherever we are. Is it not? Or maybe I'm way off. Maybe there is something seriously wrong with me because I came to Provo to get an education. I must be breaking some commandment or something, huh?

what the !!!!!

I assume the anonymus coward that wrote that is a girl... I am an international female student but beign a mom (hence getting married) is not the main reason that brought me to Provo...BYU offers inexpensive education. Paying 2K for a full semester to be in the Marriott School in the accounting program (ranked 1st for the graduate program and 3rd for the undergrad)! I mean, isn't that a good reason to come to Provo rather than other super expensive school? I just can't take girls like you with no desire to aspire for a professional career, or maybe you do but end up getting married and becoming a stay home mom. I am not trying to judge you but please...don't be so narrow minded and expect more out of life than being enclosed at home taking care of your kids.