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The Y Board

The original online WILKboard! A safe way for students to buy and sell!

We created this site on a whim; all in need of various items that we knew other students had and were willing to sell, but going to the actual WILKboard was too timely. An idea sprung, then a demo site, and finally the real deal.

We knew how students thought; the site was instantly made free of charge. Personal security was also a concern and so we require that all users be students (just like on Facebook); you know who you are doing business with.

The last recent development: A Free Card Printout Service. Each week, all approved listings are printed and posted on the physical Wilkboard. There are a few other sites similar to ours, but are mainly seller sites, not so much buyer sites. Many items are listed and many sellers visit, but fewer buyers visit. With our effort we offer double exposure for all, in hopes to increase both SELLER and BUYER success.

And, as mentioned, it’s all FREE!

The Original?

are you sure you're the original? might want to check what's out there. the has been posted on here for like two months or something already.

you said you're free. i almost signed up for your site once until i read this in your FAQ,

"Is it really free?

As of now The Y Board is a free service for all. At some point in the future a pricing model will be established. However, until then, enjoy!"

so you're free but won't be for long, right? i don't want to sign up and then two months down the road, you all of a sudden start charging me, y'know? well, props for the site, but i'm not sure it's "the original" or really "all free" for too long.

Well of course it's not original, you can't forget about to add to the long list of online wilk boards...and I'll spare you the advertising talk about it, too :)

just one other question...

you also claim that yours is a buyer/seller site while labeling the other sites "just seller" sites. how can you know? have you all shared stats with each other? have you done a study or surveys or detailed statistical analysis on all of the sites to know who coming are buyers and sellers. it just seems like you're making claims you can't substantiate.

would you share some of your stats with provopulse. my roommate just told me that one of the other guys has more than 1000 registered users with a lot more things on the site.


I saw on your site that you will post the items from your site on the physical wilk board for your users. Is this true? How is this done? Daily, weekly, I was just curious. It sounds like a lot of work for free. If it is ligit that is quite the service. What are your intentions in doing it?


so will be free forever? how do you plan to make something back on it then?

Original has been up and running for some time now. The actual launch date was October 17, 2006. A good few weeks before the other sites sprung up.

About "free"...thanks for the input. We wrote those FAQ's a while ago and weren't sure exactly how it was all going to play out, however, at this point we have determined that free is the way to go and the site will remain that way forever.

just another answer...

Frist, our article states: "There are a few other sites similar to ours, but are mainly seller sites, not so much buyer sites." Notice it doesn't say just, nor only; there is no absolute, it is more open ended. Our statements come from feedback from our users, ourselves, and our friends. Furthermore, we never "claimed that ours is a buyer/seller site", we stated that we have "hopes to increase both SELLER and BUYER success."

Second, has your roommate, as you said, "done a study or surveys or detailed statistical analysis [of the other site owned by that 'guy']. it just seems like [you and he are] making claims you can't substantiate".

Please understand we am not taking cheap shots at the other buy sell sites. We think they are quality sites; well designed and well created. However, the general feedback that we have heard from users of all sites is that there are a lot more sellers than buyers.

Thanks for your interest. Another solution for you could be to just try the various sites out there and see which one works for you, see which one you like. By all means; do what you want.

TheYBoard in some hot water

One of my friends works for BYU as a early-morning janitor and told me something that I think is pretty interesting. is breaking BYU's policies by posting the index cards on the WSC Ad Board because they are not BYU approved. The Wilkinson Center janitorial staff are on alert, and remove these cards (anything that says on it) within 24 hours, so even if they do post your ad for you, it won't last at all. Also, he heard that theyboard has been warned but have ignored all of BYU's requests which apparently is going to cause some potential BIG problems for the creators (who they think are students) if they don't back down before the beginning of next semester.


Yes, will always remain free to post, browse, contact users, and to use all the other main components of the site. And don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to make a return on a website other than charging for posts. That's one thing you won't ever have to worry about with us :)

That is news to us!

Everything that has been said is completely new to our understanding. We are NOT in "hot water”.

In the early phases of our site, we were, along with many other website owners, promoting our site on the WSC Ad Board. We were instructed once to stop and we did. As for "all of BYU's requests" that have been ignored...that is a bogus statement.

We have spoken with the Legal Department at BYU and there are two things that I would like to note. First, we were told that the WSC Ad Board is NOT affiliated with BYU; they can't have that liability of connecting all sorts of people through a non-secure network. BYU simply allows the janitorial services to clean up once a week and hosts the board on their facility.

Next, we post the cards with the consent of the users and with motives for primarily safety and also buyer/seller success. The cards are not commercial advertisements for, rather they are specific listings that have an item number associated with each, so that buyers may search and find that item only on What we do does NOT violate the WSC Board “code of conduct”, if you will, which states that no commercial ads are to be posted. These are personal ads for personal items.