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Under-reported good news from Iraq

from the fair-and-balanced dept.

Here's an Opinion Journal article by Arthur Chrenkoff who's rounded up the good news coming from Iraq during the last two weeks:

As I expected, it was not a total war zone with massive explosions and burning vehicles everywhere as commonly portrayed in the press. It was typical Baghdad, only the traffic was even worse. The economy must be doing much better over here, for the streets are jammed with cars of every description, with many of them newer and better condition than when I left in May. As compared to 18 months ago when I first arrived, the traffic has increased a hundredfold.

(Via Instapudit.)

I heard the US military

found an SUV in an insurgent hide-out being rigged up as a car bomb.
It was registered in Texas. Ironic, I thought.

I wonder how many lefty news articles start with "As I expected, it was a total war zone..." Funny way to start an article, either way. People find what they're looking for.