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Splash into me

from the up-and-coming dept.
Ok, you guys gotta listen to this ... It's a cover of Crash by Dave Matthews adapted by a missionary in the Buenos Aires North mission. The only difference is it's called Splash, because it's about Argentina's number one technological superiority over most of the rest of the world: the bidet.

Here it is: Elder Hansen - Splash (mp3)

Yeah, it's gross--probably one of those things you've got to experience to appreciate. But for those of us who have ... well ...

I think the singer's name is Elder Hansen, but I'm not sure on that. Thanks to Jake for the heads up.

Isn't it weird, that as civil

Isn't it weird, that as civilized as we Americans claim to be, that our personal hygiene is behind much of the world. It's pretty nasty that we just use toilet paper, I mean, if we got that stuff on any other part of our body, would we just wipe it off with a paper towel??? Of course not! My family uses those Cottonelle
wipes (they're like baby wipes for babies of all ages) until we can get a real bidet.

sick but funny

So that is a little bit of a gross out song but who can deny the truth of it. I am not going to deny using one before, I dont know why they gross people out so bad, its no different than taking a shower except it being a nice little refresher for your private parts.

I especially liked the "I'm the king of the castle line"

Not so quick

Don't be so quick to think that the bidet is the greatest invention every. After all, it was the French who invented it.

they definitely

got one thing right. Thank you France.