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Anger Mismanagement

from the tightening-tensions dept.

A great little article on NRO by Andrew Leigh shedding some light on a darkening trend within our country.

The rage of the American Left has spilled over the banks and threatens to drive all common decency before it. For the first time in my life, I have felt that the United States is in actual danger of degenerating into a banana republic, with both sides doomed to snipe at each other from behind ramparts, whether with legal briefs or actual guns.

Indeed guns have already been used, as yahoos have reportedly fired shots into GOP headquarters in several states. And there are disconcerting accounts of union goons and other Democratic activists intimidating voters as they attempt to exercise their rightful franchise in "early voting."

The Democratic party has announced its intent to declare victory no matter the electoral outcome, and to preemptively find voting irregularities even where none occur. Numerous improprieties in Democratic voter-registration efforts have already been uncovered. Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, said that there won't be any riots — as long as the Democrats win. Regarding Sinclair Broadcasting's plans to air a documentary on Kerry's anti-war activities, a Kerry-campaign advisor snarled, "They better hope we don't win."

For another glimpse of the Left's efforts to bludgeon its way into the White House, look to Britain's Guardian, where a recent column called for the assassination of you-know-who. Granted, this abomination appeared overseas, but the Guardian is the American Left's favorite overseas paper, and there is increasing cross-pollination of sentiment between the Left here and in Europe.

Spend a few quality minutes trolling some of the more popular left-wing hate sites and you'll see more than enough of this lunatic spewing. Or simply scan the surfeit of Bush-bashing books glaring out at you from the featured display tables as you enter your local Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Its a sign of the times, folks.

teacher kicks GOP student

Anecdotal and Partisan


As I'm sure you're aware, it would take me about ten minutes to google up some anecdotal evidence of goonsmanship from the Republicans. Until the day someone shows me a legitimate, objective study that proves one side is more guilty of this sort of underhanded tactics than is the other, I will continue to ignore accusations from both Democrats and Republicans.

hey, google away

i'd really like to see this from both sides. its bad no matter what political party is involved. but whether you recognize it or not, the reality is there are vastly more accounts of left-wingers doing these kinds of antics than right-wingers.

of note, the dozen or more RNC offices broken into in recent weeks. all i could find on my own little google search was one incident involving a DNC office.

see the latest post for one example

Where'd you go? I didn't get a response to my last comment on
the David O. McKay thread...

it's too hard

why reply when it's easier to ignore it and continue on with the same baseless accusations on a new post?

Thank you ProvoJoe

You saved me ten minutes of googling! Thanks!

Porgo -
Did you notice that ProvoJoe makes no claims that his amusing anecdote uncovers a diabolical Republican sign-stealing conspiracy that will lead this country spiralling downward towards anarchy? I think you could learn something from his example.