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Football Fans for Truth

from the football-fans-know-everything dept.
In my incredibly random searching of the internet, I came across this site and had to share it with everybody. If there ever was a reason to not vote for Kerry, this is it. Look at the pictures, read the stories. Kerry, based solely off of this site, is 100% unfit for leadership. "Lambert field" my... well, you know.

nice one Jake. What I don'

nice one Jake.

What I don't understand is why he keeps on going for this sportsman image when he ends up making a fool out of himself every time. You'd think he'd learn.

And what's with all these games of catch on the tarmac? He gets lampooned repeatedly but keeps it up. It's obvious by how horrible he is that this isn't a normal passtime activity for the man ... so why insist when it's backfiring?

This site is too funny.