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BYU housing complex proposed south of campus

from the but-what-about-the-ducks dept.

I just finished reading today's the Daily Universe article about the new complex BYU might be building south of campus.

[It's going to] be located between 400 and 500 East on 800 South [This should be North not South] across from the BYU botany pond. The proposal shows the first floor of the five story complex to be used for BYU-owned student services, such as an extension of the BYU Bookstore or a copy center. The remaining floors would consist of 141 apartments, with either two or three bedrooms and a kitchen and common living area.

Sounds great. We could use a BYU Bookstore extension closer to all the housing south of campus. But ... doesn't BYU have a huge Y-lot on 800 North between 400 and 500 East?

The only concerns on the project so far revolve around parking and traffic issues. which could bring a negative response.

There would be 165 parking stalls available for 754 residents within the complex, but Jenkins said, if necessary, parking could also be allowed to spill over into adjacent parking lots owned by BYU currently used for Y-lot and faculty parking.

Wait, but the Y-lot won't be there anymore because there will be a huge apartment building there ... right? Or am I mixed up here?

And what's this about there only being 165 stalls available for 754 residents? Isn't that way too low? I thought there was a city ordinance that required something like a 60% or 70% ration of stalls to students. Maybe I'm remembering this wrong.

I think this is a great idea as long as it doesn't make the parking situation south of campus any worse. They should build a huge parking garage along with the complex ... maybe on top of it, like the crossroads mall in Salt Lake? Maybe not. That would probably be a little over the top.

What do you guys think?

UPE is behind it

More apartments less parking, this definately sounds like something they would do.

I dont realy like the feel of hotel style apartments, I sure hope this doesn't end up to be another one.

I vote for underground parking!

They totally should have underground parking for the complex. Not only is this great for the winter, but also you don't have to see ugly ashphalt all over the place. I really wish that more Provo complexes would utilize underground parking for their buildings, they could use the extra space that would have been paved over to put in common areas with grass, trees, and walking trails. It would make our city so much prettier, did you know that Provo/Orem was voted ugliest city in the USA? Maybe it's because of all the nasty parking stalls. ;)


testing center, part 2?

years ago they were planning to build another building directly across the street from the testing center, with an elevated walkway out of the south doors. they even had a model sitting up in the Wilk for all to see. the building was going to cover most of rape hill (do they still call it that?)

anyone know what happened to that idea?

i think the problem is cost

It's got to be really expensive to construct parking once you make an underground parking garage more than one level deep--which is what would be needed for a complex that's four stories high.

But if new complexes did build expensive underground parking it seems like they could just pass the cost on to students by charging more for rent, just the same as they do for any other added luxury. But since parking is really more of a necessity around here it seems like the cost would be well worth it to students. Or to use economic-speak ... i'm guessing that the demand for parking is fairly inelastic ... so students will pay for it.

Students without cars could save their money by living in complexes with limited parking.


Do you by chance have a link to that uggliest city in the US. It would be cool to be able to pull that out.