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"Black Cloud" out and new LDS pioneer film in works

from the mormon-movies-are-multiplying dept.

On the first inside page of this Sunday's Parade magazine (check your local Oct. 24 paper -- mine was in the Baton Rouge Advocate), they have a section where people can write in to Parade and ask a question about a celebrity. Here's one you might find interesting:

Q: Rick Schroder was terrific on "NYPD Blue." What has he been doing since leaving that cop show? -- D. Douglas, Chatham, New York.

A: "Nothing for TV. Rick, whose breakout role came at age 5 in "The Champ," recently directed another boxing film, "Black Cloud," about a Native American who becomes a Golden Gloves winner. It opend this month and was financed by five tribes in Arizona, where Rick, 34, live with his Mormon wife, Andrea, 31, and their three kids. He next plans to direct a film about the two wives of a Mormon pioneer in the 1800s, based on his own script.

Pretty neat, eh?

Pretty dang cool

It's amusing how Mormon wives are somehow different than normal wives, but I love it when the church gets plugged in high visibility places.


Odd how they refer to his wife as Mormon. Never see "his Evangelical wife" or "his Jehovah's Witness wife"

Plus, didn't The Rick join the church too? Thought I had heard that somewhere...

Silver spoons?

Yeah, that's what I heard as well. I've seen other news stories mentioning that he joined the church. Not sure why that was left out in this particular article.