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Vai Sikahema's devotional address

from the surprisingly-good-devotionals dept.
I just finished watching today's BYU devotional by Vai Sikahema. It was awesome. I was especially impressed by how he handled being promoted to head sports directory for Philadelphia's local NBC affiliate and being called as the bishop of his ward at the very same time. He described how he met with the directors of the station and explained all about his new calling to them and that he would need time off on most weeknights and that he couldn't travel on weekends etc. Brother Sikahema was surprised when the station directors turned out to ... be supportive of his new calling and offered to hire an assistant to help prepare his broadcasts and found someone else to travel with the local teams on weekends.

I guess the main thing that impressed me was how Vai manages to not compartmentalize his church-life from his work-life, especially when his job is so high profile. I loved all the on-air clips where he talks about being a bishop in the Church, or having been a missionary, etc.

And I liked his comment at the very end about the phrase "Enter to learn, go forth to serve," when he said something about seeing it as more of a covenant than just a catchy slogan.

Eventually an mp3 of the devotional along with a transcript should be available on the BYU Broadcasting website.

Vai Sikehema

Bishop Vai Sikehema is one of the most outstanding people in the church that I have ever known. His devotion to his family and sincere love for everyone he meets is a constant example to everyone on how a Latter-day Saint should live. Vai was a great player at BYU and in the NFL, but he is first and foremost a real Pro as a person. If you want to feel the spirit of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, just get a copy of Vai's devotional address...the man is as genuine as they get!