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"It's How You Play the Game"

from the by-any-means-necessary dept.

Election thoughts from Stephen Green:

If Drudge has it right, then the Kerry-Edwards campaign is going to do its damnedest to turn our fine nation into a banana republic.

To these guys, winning office is more important than the sanctity of elections. Holding power is more important than the Constitution. Much as I despise at least half of what most Republicans stand for, they don't seem nearly as willing to trash the system they're trying to run. Too many Democrats, especially at the national level, just don't care that our system, our nation is far more important than any single election.

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By any means necessary

Indeed it does appear that there is one political party in the US today that believes "the ends justify the means". Here are the details:

Jose Padilla, a US citizen, is currently being held by the US government. He has been denied the right to defend himself in court, contrary to amendment 5 of the US Consitution. In addition, he has been denied his right to a speedy trial (amendment 6), his right to know the charges against him (amendement 6 again), his right to confront witnesses against him (6), and his right to a lawyer (6 again).

Therefore, it is undisputable that President Bush and John Ashcroft see no problem with trashing the US Constitution when they feel the ends justify the means. Does this make them "wicked" or their supporters "evil"? No. Unlike you, I am not so quick to villify. But it does make them wrong. And it moves us a step closer to becoming a Banana Republic.

can't argue with that

while some would argue that there are more circumstances behind mr. padilla's case that warrants this action, the face value of this is just as you have outlined here...and it is wrong. if we have dirt on this guy, use the system to prosecute. if there is classified information that a normal prosecution would uncover, and so this case needs to be treated differently for that information to remain classified, fine - state that. but the man still has his rights. because if one US citizens rights are taken away, ALL of us could have our rights taken away.

by the way, i may not be wicked, but sometimes i am wicked awesome. just thought i'd mention that.


So how long is this little temper-tantrum of yours going to go on? I said (1, 2) that I think John Kerry and his primary backers are wicked people. Big woop. You know, there are a lot of wicked people out there. I didn't say he is Satan incarnate, just that he's an evil man. And yeah, i believe that.

So get a grip man, and let it alone. Sheesh.

And how about you make an account, or at least sign some kind of name to your posts ... this anonymous crap is getting old, my friend.


You have a wicked sense of humor Porgo. :)

Mason - Hmmm... OK, Even though this is very entertaining for me, its probably tedious for everyone else. So I guess I've made my point - I'll drop it for the sake of the community. That having been said, perhaps at some future point you can re-visit the subject and explain to all of us why Kerry is wicked. That would be a great post! Looking forward to it!