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New Mormon Movie Turning Heads

from the enough-with-this-gay-stuff dept
A new--and contraversial--movie is out about a gay mormon missionary who falls in love with his next door neighbor. Yeah ... not exactly the most likely of senarios. Anyway, it looks to me like the guy who made it (who, by the way, is an apostate) is just trying to profit through creating controversy. You can read an article about it all on's entertainment page. Thanks to Cassi for the heads-up about this.

Re: New Mormon Movie Turning Heads

This comment was originally posted by Alicia on the old site:

Wow--we can't hide from the fact that the Church's strong stance is everywhere in the media. But it's a good sign. I just read this quote by President Kimball:

"Always remember that if this were not the Lord's work, the adversary
would not pay any attention to us. If this Church were merely a church of men
and women, teaching only the doctrines of men, we would encounter little or
no criticism or resistance--but because this is the Church of Him whose
name it bears, we must not be surprised when criticisms or difficulties

(Spencer W. Kimball, "We Are on the Lord's Errand," Ensign, May 1981, 79.)

Good stuff.

Freedom of speech, etc.

I think people should be able to make movies about whatever they want, insofar as they don't cause any serious harm to anyone (beyond making people question their faith or feel bad). If people want to pay money to see this movie, who's to stop them?

I'm sure the church is misrepresented in the film and perhaps it is a Satan inspired attack on the truth, but if we truly believe in our religion, we should believe that it can stand up to criticism, defamation, and prejudice unscathed.

let's not use the word "apostate" so loosely

Regardless of one's particular definition of "apostate", I think it would be wise for members of the church to avoid using it to refer to former members of the church. Calling them such certainly doesn't bring them any closer to the church.

At the very least he is a covanent breaker

If he served a mission which means he was given the Melchizedek Priesthood. He "came out of the closet." If he doesn't come back to the Church and repent of his sins then his case won't be a good one before the Lord. He has broken the oath and covanent of the priesthood if he completely turns away ( which is what he is doing). we should not take the breaking of sacred covanents lightly.

Re: New Mormon Movie Turning Heads

This comment was originally posted by Anonymous on the old site:

Great quote, I guess he is right about how the adversary will approach anything of God. Although after reading about the new movie on CNN, it is dumb that a movie has to be made about mormons, missionaries and homosexuals. I feel like it's degrading to the title of an Elder that associations of homosexuality was brought up.

Good point

I should probably be a bit more gentle with my choice of words.