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Hannity's fat bill

from reasons-to-become-a-public-speaker dept.
This stuff about Hannity's bill to UVSC being $49,850 is a crock. The article says:

"We have hired private jets in the past," said Derek Hall, director of college relations at UVSC. "We had Larry King from California. Here and back cost $15,000."

So Hannity's travel costs were 3 times more than King's? Hannity also charged UVSC for his flight from Arizona back to New York which he had already planned on making anyway because he was going to be attending the presidential debate in AZ. That's pretty underhanded.

I just find it so ironic that Hannity comes here to ... defend the valley from the "treachery" of Michael Moore and then pulls a fast one on UVSC, charging them way more than he'd evidently led them to believe the cost would be.

The article also says that UVSC didn't know what the cost would be ahead of time because they didn't negotiate a speaking contract with Hannity, which sounds pretty irresponsible to me. How are they going to just commit the school to pay for Hannity when they don't know what it will cost? He could have sent them a bill for $300,000 for all they knew, and could have legally gotten away with it.

Somebody over at UVSC needs to get the act together. Sheesh. And Hannity ... I've lost respect for him. Not that I actually had respect before because I've never heard his show or read anything he's written.

This is just low. (I wonder what the folks think about this ... )

These people make me sick!

All these people who've been b---hing about the money being spent need to shut the * up! You people are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever seen. If you are opposed to Michael Moore because of his views that's one thing, but if you use the excuse of spending student money to have him not come than you are a hypocrite. Hannity cost almost as much and I guarantee you if he was the only speaker we had there wouldn't be as big of an uproar.
You people are the disgrace to Utah and american values. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? What ever happened to respect? Why can we not tolerate someone who has a different view?


Spencer I am not so sure that last post was rated PG. Keep it clean honey.


Sorry bout that. I'm not perfect and unfortunately my life is not PG rated. I'll try to work on it though.


I just like how Jen called you "honey" ... haha