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Something all of us have to worry about

from the not-so-free-speech dept.

The Democratic National Committee has decided to file a report to the Federal Election Commission asking them to disallow Sinclair Broadcasting (a US corporation that owns various network affiliates) from playing a video that is unflattering to John Kerry citing concerns with the McCain-Feingold act. Isn't this government censorship illegal under the Bill Of Rights?

Also troubling, the FEC may go after ... weblogs next:

Cam Edwards of reports, after interviewing Bradley Smith, Chairman of the Federal Election Commission:

When I asked him if we're eventually looking at the FEC deciding what blogs run afoul of McCain/Feingold, he said that's the direction we're heading. Not just in determining what blogs might be in violation of McCain/Feingold, but determining what blogs would be able to claim a media exemption. Scary stuff.


Yikes! I hope this politically oriented comment gets posted before Big Brother over at the DNC forbids me from doing so.

CNN picks up the thread

What is McCain / Feingold?

It's a campaign finance law, right?

The idea of censoring people's websites is ridiculous ... besides being totally unconstitutional, I can't imagine how they could ever enforce it. They would need armies and armies of people who read through blogs by hand and look for offending material which will never happen.

narks unite

Mason, with you it is always what cannot be done (Yoda reference)

It's just that kind of attitude, Mason, that makes me want to turn you in to the DNC Overlords. Get with the program, man. What, is the chip in your implant malfunctioning?


that's pretty freaky porgo. References to the mark of the beast kept passing through my head while I read that ... haha