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"Mormonism for Dummies" to hit shelves in Feb.

from the neutral-thrid-parties dept.

There's an interesting post by Jana Riess over at Times & Seasons about her experience co-authoring Mormonism for Dummies--another addition to "the ubiquitous yellow-and-black Dummies series" of books. Jana writes:

What do you say, for example, about race and African Americans in the Church when you have two pages to do so? (We went over the page limit on that one.) How do you present the reader’s digest version of polygamy? Do you discuss the fact that there are several different versions of the First Vision, or go with the one we use now for the sake of simplicity? And most of all, how do you present your tremendous love for an institution and its teachings while also trying to see them from the perspective of an outsider?

The project sounds like it was an interesting experience. Hopefully it will provide curious readers with a source of information that is accurate while still coming across as objective.

The book is scheduled for a February release.