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Report reveals that Saddam bribed France

from the never-a-dull-moment dept.
You guys have got to see this. Now of course, the truth doesn't really matter because, by definition, George Bush is always wrong, right?

another t-shirt idea

for any friends or relatives returning from service in Iraq:

"France, Germany and Russia received billions in bribes from Iraq through the Oil-For-Food Program and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

I Am Shocked! Shocked!

Wow, we couldn't see this one coming, could we? Our new good buddies the Russians and Chinese selling us out at the U.N.? Kofi Anan wouldn't let that happen! Oh wait - that's exactly what he did. His son was one of the bribed U.N. officials.

And the French...what is there left to say about civilization's leading lights? Such loyal, longtime U.S. allies would never, ever betray us for mere money. Well, yes they would, but only for oil vouchers and a gusher of their patented, oh-so-haughty, self-righteous indignation against America.

Let's see... If France, Russia, and China were taking bribes in oil vouchers and drilling rights from ol' Saddam so that he would have the privelige of buying overpriced weapons and components from them instead of "Oil for Food", then perhaps it was THEY who were in Iraq for the oil. I bet they really are mad at us for busting up the most lucrative bribery scheme in history!

And Kerry thinks he will get them back on our side. I rather doubt it.


Maybe Kerry plans on bribing them to get them back on our side, he certainly doesn't want to spend any money on our troops.