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My ducks

from the ok-so-they're-your-ducks-too dept.

There's a new litter of baby ducks swimming around the pond on the south end of campus. I was walking by a couple days ago and caught them with my camera:

Click the photo for a larger version.


Does anyone know if litters only apply to mammals? All I know is that the duck with a yellow V on his head is sic!

March of the Sinister Ducks

they must be stopped. they're evil, as summarized by this song.

don't worry - this is not an illegal download. the lyrics can be found here

Where do you dig this stuff u

Where do you dig this stuff up, porgo? =)

Deluxe, your right. Litters are only for mammals. But my ducks are so warm and cuddly ... can't we just call them mammals?


mason you said warm and cuddly how cute. i think ducks are some of the cutest little things ever.

taste like chicken

not so cute when they poop in your tub, though

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