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"Michael Moore is Fat"

Obesity kills

There are billboards for shirts that state this somewhere along the drive home from the SLC airport. Wish I had the web address to give you.

low blow to comment on his lo

low blow to comment on his looks


the michael moore is fat shirt was a nice idea; such a good idea that Glen Beck has been selling them on his website for quite a while. They have a great picture of Moore eating a chicken drumstick while standing on a pile of garbage. I suggest that you go to his website, and order one.

If Moore is fat, then Hannity is skinny!
Go Hannity!


I think the company that made the shirt that said "Michael Moore, High in Cholesterol, Low in Truth" was called Offside shirts, and I think the website was

what??? da[r]n. and i thought

what??? da[r]n. and i thought i was being original. i didn't pull a chad though. i hadn't seen any "michael moore is fat" shirts before i made mine... neither have i seen any since.

i guess there is a "michael moore: high on cholesterol low on truth" billboard on the freeway. a pic of it is on the site. i just saw it for the first time on saturday.


and i thought i was being original... it doesn't surprise me that somebody has already done that though

my shirt was originally going to say "michael moore is fat and opens his mouth for money... but so does your mom", but i thought it was too long and didn't want to offend anyone with the implied fellatio.

i wonder if anyone has already made my hannity shirt?

oh well... hannity and moore are both over-egoed propagandists