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"I Can't I'm Mormon"

from the you-can-it's-called-agency dept.

Perhaps some of you have heard about the new t-shirts that were temporarily advertized in BYU's Daily Universe and are being sold at Well, according to this article in the Salt Lake Tribune,

Ramos launched the T-shirt venture after making an "I Can't" shirt for his non-Mormon sister in Las Vegas a few months ago.

The problem is that i bought a t-shirt with the phrase "i can't i'm mormon" on it in the early spring up in logan. Furthermore, as far as i'm aware, i'm the only person in uvsc that has been wearing that shirt. Chad Ramos, the supposed "creator" of this t-shirt was ... in two of my classes earlier this year where he had seen me where the shirt. We talked often and he commented and laughed about my shirt... now he is claiming to have invented it.

I'm not saying the shirt is my idea (if i see a "michael moore is fat" t-shirt, i'll sue), but i do think that the geniuses up in logan who first threw that line on a shirt should get their due reward.

Chad Ramos is a liar and is making money off someone else's idea.

ive seen that shirt before too

as a former USU'er myself I saw people on campus whereing that shirt before in fact I think there was a booth at the Logan Mall that sold them so its really not that original of idea although I do like the anti-DTR shirt they have on their site.


I really hate that, when people take credit for other peoples ideas! That is just plain dishonest. Maybe he needs to make himself a shirt about lying, that is another thing that, as Mormons, we are not supposed to do.

claimed to have invented it?

Your Ramos quote doesn't show he's a liar. You should think twice ( or thrice ) before throwing those kinds of words around.


Theif maybe, but i agree with provojoe on the fact that Ramos shouldn't be labled liar. So what if someone else coined the phrase, they weren't proactive enough to set up a website, put ads in the daily universe, or bring it to Provo in any way shape or form. It might be dirty, but hey thats the world we live in. As long as he isn't violated any trademark laws.

I am not afraid to admit that I chuckled when I first saw the shirt. After visiting the website I found many of the shirts to be rather corny but clever. Way to attack a particular market segment.

The funniest thing to me is that by removing the ads they definately increased advertising. My favorite quote about the subject, I can't recall at the moment what it is from goes, "say anything you want about me, just spell my name right." I have heard a lot more people talking about these shirts now that there is controversy over the ads.

So, if you ask me the guy is batting two for two. Bring an existing product into a new market and get lots of free advertising.

not a fan

Am I the only one here who has a problem with the "i can't, i'm mormon" shirts?

Yes, you can argue that it shows our ability to laugh at ourselves ... which most people would say is a good thing, but it conveys a lot more than just that. I just think it casts our faith in a bad light, making it appear that we don't take our religion seriously.

I mean, we're talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ here ... to me it just seems that we should be more reverent about something we truly believe in, and that we're charged with preaching to the whole earth.

The shirt is a funny idea, but I'd say it's better left as that; not as something we actually go around wearing.

Give me a break

Mason, I'll foward your comment to the; I'm sure that they would approve of your poo-pooing.

All yucks aside, what's the big deal? I don't think the t-shirts are poking fun at the church's doctrines, or that they are casting an unfair representation upon all Mormons; quite the contrary: the t-shirts are an attack on the pervasive culture found within Utah. When was the last time you were in a Sunday school class and they talked about NCMOs or VLs. Umm, never, unless you're in a singles ward, but I digress.

No, the slogans are just poking fun at the culture found in Happy Valley. That's all. Now, if they were wearing shirts with the slogan, "I can't; I adhere to a slave morality," then you'd have something to argue about.

memory lane

back in 87-88, my sophomore year at BYU, i created and sold two great t-shirts. the first was "Brigham Young University: The Collective Unconscious" which did alright (I had read some Jung). I sold maybe two dozen. Then I was reading through some history of the BY Academy, and came across this gem: "You can go to Provo or you can go to hell" - Brigham Young.

The quote is from a conversation between Brigham and Abraham Smoot, who the Prophet was telling to go down to Provo to start an academy. Smoot apparently had just built a house, and was not really interested in uprooting his family yet again, and so Brigham put some emphasis into the request.

I sold 50 or more of this one, and paid my rent for a couple months. If anyone decides to use either of these, I'll buy one.

wow, i can't believe all the fuss

so, tyler, nice to talk to you again, its too bad you had to come out attacking me. this is chad ramos, and yes you are correct on several points. 1) i was definately not the first to throw the phrase on a shirt and 2) i did talk to you about how funny they were. however you are quite wrong in accusing me of ever telling any reporter that i ever was the one to come up with the saying or the first to put it on a shirt. you can go ask any of the 15 people who have interviewed me. i can't control what they print. and besides that, lets be honest, they don't care about the other people because they didn't do anything with the idea. i've trademarked it and done some advertising. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. it all started when i tried to find them where i found the first one i bought, on ebay, but i couldn't find it. so i paid like $50 to have one made, and it just snowballed from there. tyler, why wouldn't you just ask me all that stuff in the first place? oh well, no love lost. all this crazy publicity is the best thing that could have happened for the business. and for anyone else with any questions, you can freakin call me. my number's right there on the website. i'm not trying to hide anything. but you will have to wait till the 5th, i'm still on my trip to china right now. i'll say hi to the great wall for all of you. -chad

Silly People!

Why can't Chad sell "I can't...I'm Mormon" shirts. I made one just the other day. Everyone loved it b/c they know that I'm a "Miss goody-two-shoes" and that's okay with me. I am and it's b/c of the church that I am. Honestly, ICIM has become basically my saying. It's the easiest explaination. If you say "It's against my moral standards...they always ask why and continue until you say 'I can't...I'm Mormon'." And then they leave you alone about it. That's just how it works. So the saying kinda pokes fun at having to use that 'slogan'. And I don't believe that Chad made up the slogan. Anyone who doesn't know that...well...I don't think they have a very high IQ. I love being Mormon (I'm the only one in my school) and I love my high standards (I'm the only one that holds them) and I love my I can't...I'm Mormon shirt.

that's where i bought it.

that's where i bought it.

i bought it to offend people

when i bought my shirt in the spring, i was really surprised that everyone liked it. i wore it to ward prayer and got compliments from tons of people, including the bishop.

the reason i got it was because i don't like the attitude of a lot of mormons. i think korihor was right. commandments put us in bondage. promises of glory. threats of punishment. sometimes we let god bully us around without even realizing we are. we shouldn't act (or not act) because we are mormons. we shouldn't just live a certain way because god or a prophet said so. we are then only slaves to someone else's will. act for yourself. act because that is what is right. do what you know/feel to be moral.

some of you will prolly think i'm the anti-christ. i'm not. that's tony blair's job. i'm not saying we should go against the prophet(s). i'm just saying that we need to evaluate what they say. find out for ourselves why we should act that way. and then act by our convictions of the thing.

i hope that all made sense without offending to many of you

lying via omission

perhaps it's true that chad hasn't explicitly said that he created or thought up the shirt, but from what i've gathered from the several news paper/channel stiories, he implicitly said it. while it made not be a lie via commission, i argue that he is lying my ommission. letting everyone assume he created the shirt and ommmiting the fact that he did not.

it's only the actual "i can't

it's only the actual "i can't, i'm mormon" shirt I have a problem with, the others are fine.

whether or not something is l

whether or not something is legal doesn't change that you are reaping the rewards of someone else's genius. i like you chad. you're a fun guy. goofing off in class was great fun. i've got nothing against you personally.

i'm just having some fun...granted, at your expense. in this capitalist society, right and wrong isn't dictated by morals, it's dictated by the almighty dollar. suing someone for millions of dollars isn't bad if a judge agrees with you. abortion isn't wrong in states where it's completely legal. clear a rain forest. kick the zapatistas from their lands. rape the horses and run off on the women.

when did you purchase your shirt off e-bay?

did you tell the press that you saw somebody wearing a shirt with the phrase "i can't i'm mormon" and that you copied the t-shirt and making money off of somebody else's idea?

tyler, the anti-christ

I agree that we should think through things and obey the commandments with an understanding of why, but if "God or a prophet" commands me to do something that I don't understand, I'll do my best to obey anyway, because I know it's the right thing to do, simply because of who commanded it.

And deciding to obey a commandment from God, or His prophet--even without understanding why--is hardly being a slave to someone else's will. We elect to obey ... we'd only be in slavery if we were forced.

so do you think . . .

that it would be better if the shirt said "No Thanks, I'm LDS"


but that isn't funny..