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Michael Moore is Fat

from the truth-be-told dept.

As a student at UVSC, I find it painful to see so many students fighting so fiercely over the Michael Moore issue, so I found something we could all agree on and threw it on a t-shirt:


Well done; instead of addressing any of the questions raised by Moore, you raise the bar to an ad hominem attack. Nice. Michael Moore is fat; now that's an arguement that I can stand behind.

liberal spin

now watch for "Michal Moore is Phat" t-shirts

Pizza the Hut

Remember him from Spaceballs? That is who Moore looks like.

Great way to end the debate too, I mean, who could argue with Moore is Fat?


I love you.

ad homenem attack?

i made no appeal to his fatness as grounds for any sort of an arguement. i just said that he was fat. now if i said that he he shouldn't speak at uvsc because he is fat or that his movies are full of lies because he was fat, then it would be an ad hominem attack.

1. i think michael moore should speak at uvsc and am glad that he is (unless the "uneducated," "fascist" sean vreeland gets his way).
2. i think fahrenheit 9/11 is flawed anti-bush propaganda.
3. i also think michael moore is fat.

those are three seperate issues that are not grounds for eachother.

1. michael moore is bringing uvsc further into the public view. people still refer to it as uvcc or even "the tech". we're in an election year, what bigger name could uvsc bring in? happy valley has had many conservative right speakers coem to speak. if anything, it's moore who's bringing some political balance back to happy valley.
2. enough has been said elsewhere for this. i'm just gonna appeal to authority.
3. just look at him. the dude ways like 400 pounds




i feel so special now