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Internet Shopping with Local Pickup in Utah

I always hate going to CompUSA or Best Buy to buy a cable I need right away because I know I'm getting ripped off, and I KNOW I can find it cheaper on the Internet. Seriously, go try to buy a simple monitor cable at one of the big local stores, you will pay a lot more than you think.

Sewell Direct is an Internet retail store based in Orem and they offer local pick-up as a shipping option for people in Utah. It's the best of both worlds - Internet store prices but you don't have to wait for shipping. They sell computer stuff, home audio/video stuff, and even some prosumer recording stuff.

Try it out next time you need a part or cable for your computer or home theater setup - you'll be glad you did and so will your wallet.

(Disclosure: I work for Sewell Direct. But I shop here, too - other local stores really can't compete.)