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Firefox -- Get it

from the do-yourself-a-favor dept.
Lots or you probably already use Firefox, but for those of you who for some reason don't, you should try it out. It's worth switching over for the tabbed browsing alone.

Heck ya baby

Firefox is the bomb, IE explorer is a bomb. Firefox is like eleventy-billion times better. It loads pages faster, has built in pop-up blocker (I am aware that IE has this capability with SP2), and just looks cooler.


I can't imagine that there are people out there that are still using things like IE, or even worse, Netscape!

Firefox is the best out there right now.

don't forget the add-ons

There are tons of awesome add-ons and plug ins for it as well. My personal favorite is the brower namer tool (not sure exactly what it is called). Each time I open up a new firefox window it renames it things like "Mozilla Webtiger" and "Mozilla Watergecko". If you havent tried any of these I suggest you click on Tools and download some extensions.