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How rich are you?

Here's a website called that shows you how wealthy you are relative to the rest of the world.

It's interesting to see how rich we Americans really are. Even our poorest are better off than most.

(Via Consumption Rules.)

This is an interesting site.

This is an interesting site. I've seen it come up on quite a few times, and it's been criticized for being inaccurate. But even if it's not true, we are way better off than a huge portion of the world population.

/Going back to being richer than 99% of the rest of the world


So you mean to tell me that I may not be exactly the 695,500,118th richest person in the world?

Okay, that me me laugh out

Okay, that me me laugh out loud.

I remember the biggest gripe being about the hourly rate they figure. Say you earn $10 an hour and work full time, 50 weeks a year. That equals a $20,000 annual salary. But according to this website, if you're earning $20k a year, you're earning $10.68 an hour. Not much of a discrepancy now but it used to be way off, like by 30%-40%.

Much be those European hours, where full-time is considered a 30 hour week.