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"How to get a girlfriend at BYU..."

from the don't-try-this-at-home dept.
So this BYU freshman named Alex Kolkena decided to try his luck with the ladies by posting a card on the Wilkboard that reads, "NEED GIRLFRIEND. If interested please call (801) 371-3484."

See what happened, here.


At least someone up on BYU campus is taking a proactive aproach to getting a date. According to my single friends at BYU, they usually have to do the work, bake cookies, or in some other way try to get the boys out of their apartments. This is not only the funniest thing I have heard in a long time, but also the most encouraging to my single counterparts out there.

Good Idea bro

Oh the freshman days...

I remember when I was a freshman at ASU we went to some social on Halloween dressed as the kissing booth. Definately the best idea I ever had presented to me.

Alex, if it really was you that posted it and not one of your buddies, your idea was huge, way to go bro. Take advantage of being a freshman while you can.

Alex Kolkona is a fraud

Alex Kolkona's original idea isn't original at all. He in a total lapse of creativity stole his idea from two guys who posted their friend for a date the first freaking week of school. Freshman Kolkona needs to go take a long walk off a short pier. I can't believe he is getting the publicity for an idea he shamelessly stole from two original and fun loving guys. This is total crap.

Somebody bitter????

Dear An Anonymous. Nobody is saying Alex was the first to ever try this and I would bet just about anything that the two guys who you are speaking of got the idea from somebody else too. Life goes on, dont have a heart attack over something so simple. I bet you are a just a JOY at parties

Hm.. Pretty sure Alex never

Hm.. Pretty sure Alex never once claimed this as an original idea there Chief. Try not to get so mad over such silly things.