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Michael Moore is coming to UVSC

from the mark-your-dayplanners dept.

I was shocked this morning to read in the Daily Universe that Michael Moore is going to speak at UVSC. According to the article, the news has lots of people up-in-arms.

The Daily Herald notes that,

Utah Valley State College's decision to bring controversial liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to speak on campus Oct. 20 is the single most divisive event the school has witnessed in the past decade and a half, according to a university spokesman.

"In 16 years, I can't think of any one event that was as polarizing as this," said Derek Hall, UVSC spokesman. He said the school's student leaders "were looking for someone who would get people's attention. Apparently, they were successful."

I'll say! I think it's kind of cool that ... he's coming here, even though he's a lying sack of ... ok, well ... I guess you could say that I disagree with him and his methods. (Check out our past article about Michael Moore.)

I think this is good for a couple reasons. First it's always nice to see more than just the mainstream political opinions being expressed here in Utah. Though I'm definitely a conservative, I don't like seeing how lots of conservatives around here don't seem to know why they're conservative, and couldn't begin to tell you what is wrong with the liberal ideology. Things like this force people to think things through a little better instead of just being blind conservative followers.

The other reason is because of what this guy in the Daily Universe's article says:

“I heard someone joking yesterday,” Hall said. “They said we’re doing everyone a favor by bringing him to Utah and keeping him away from Florida and Ohio and elsewhere where he could make a difference.”

Ain't that the truth. Moore is wasting his time here, unless of course he is able to turn it into a big media blitz showing "the Mormons to be acting like morons," and helping to promote the stereotype that we're ignorant and therefore that he is the one who knows what he's talking about.

The main reason I can understand UVSC students being upset over Moore's visit is that,

Moore will receive $40,000 for his speech out of the student gov-ernment’s annual speaker budget of $50,000.

That's a lot of money. It's funny that he wants to be paid for "speaking-out" about something he feels so strongly about. In fact, has Moore done any sort of protesting against Bush that didn't involve him making money?

Michael Moore

I enjoyed the better part of your post, but I found the last paragraph a bit silly.

"...has Moore done any sort of protesting against Bush that didn't involve him making money?"

The only conceivable purpose for asking this question, is to argue that Mr. Moore is insincere in his motives. Given the absence of any evidence, I find this highly unlikely.

Ask yourself: Does it raise your suspicions that Sean Hannity's on-going criticism of Kerry seems to make him plenty of money? It doesn't bother me at all.


I have no problem with Moore coming, but to spend the entire budget of student money on just one person? More than anything else the lack of consideration of who we as UVSC students wanted to hear, where we wanted the money (our money mind you) to go, is what bothers me the most. It doesn't matter to me if Moore comes to spew his propaganda, but I would have enjoyed hearing more people come and visit. Oh, and now they are actually talking about charging to hear him, when they have already charged the students in fees that have paid for him to be there in the first place!


Amen, brother.
I agree with you 100% when you say: "I don't like seeing how lots of conservatives around here don't seem to know why they're conservative." I couldn't have said it better myself. Coming from perhaps one of the top 5 liberal places in the world, I can say that that accusation goes both ways. I've asked friends why they are voting for Kerry, and their only response?? The usual, "anyone but Bush" Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.
But who's asking...


Michael Moore

Personally, I am not strictly conservative, nor am I strictly liberal. I agree with both sides on a number of issues. I find it a breath of fresh air to have someone like Michael Moore come to Utah. I agree with the two statements above stating that a lot of conservatives and liberals don't know why they are what they are. I think people should just be more open-minded about differnt political ideas. If you read the article in the Daily Universe from today (the 17th) it says that Moore's price is a lot cheaper than many other well-known speakers including Hannity.

My view on Moore

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