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Mel Gibson's Passion causing an uproar

from the religious-tensions-tighten dept.
Mason writes: "The Washington Post has an article about the controversy surrounding the upcoming release of Mel Gibson's new movie 'The Passion of Christ'. Many jewish people are unhappy with this movie and feel that it is going to spark anti-semitic feelings and acts around the globe. Matters are only made worse by the fact that Mel Gibson's father has supposedly made comments are more than one occasion that the Holocaust is over-exaggerated, that six-million jews did not die at the hands of the Nazis." On another note, this R-rated movie is reported to be extremely graphic, which is one of the complaints of it's opponents. Will the added gore help to tell the story more effectively? Another interesting fact about all of this is that Gibson had to personally pay for both the production and the distribution of this film because no one else would dare.

Re: Mel Gibson's Passion causing an uproar

originally posted by Anonymous User on Feb 20, 2004 - 07:01 AM

I think that Jews and Christians alike should be unhappy with this movie. As if the Jews haven't been through enough. As a Christian, I'm offended that any movie about Christ would need to be rated R, and I don't think we need to focus on today's Jews for something their ancestors may have done thousands of years ago. And who can really say that the Holocaust is exaggerated? Has he been to the Holocaust museum? Even if it is exagerrated, the fact that it happened at all is sad enough.

Re: Mel Gibson's Passion causing an uproar

originally posted by Cassi on Feb 27, 2004 - 06:39 AM

I have mixed feelings about this movie. I don't think that I will see it since I have a low tolerance for violence, it's rated R, and the fact that Jesus is beat making it painful to watch. I read this morning on CNN's website that a woman from Chicago actually died of a heart attack during the crucifixion scene while watching The Passion yesterday, Wed. Feb. 25th. That is CRAZY!! She did not have pre-exisiting heart conditions. Did you also know that the actor who played Jesus was struck by lightening during the that a sign?

Although, I am guessing or hoping people who watch this movie may have more respect for the Atonement and the plan of salvation.

At the same time, I think it is gutsy and neat that Mel Gibson paid for it himself, it does show something about his character, I think.