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Darwin's Law

from the near-ignominious-deaths dept.
I had just gotten home and eaten lunch and was looking forward to a breif nap before having to go to school. I had a twinkie in my mouth and decided to leap up into my penthouse of a bunkbed instead of climbing up. I flipped my shoes off and then with a little speed I jumped off with all my powers combined ... on my unknown ingrown toenail.

Only my twinkie muffled my high pitched screams, but unfortunatly with the sudden lax of speed plus motion I didn’t have enough altitude to clear the bunkbed, and so slammed my shin into the wooden panel causing another wave of excruciating pain to flow through my body. I landed hap hazardly on my bed and starting choking on my twinkie.

Once I cleared my throat from the fluffy cream filled bar of death I managed a few deep breaths and realized how close to death I had just come, the only thing I could do was laugh in between sobs.

stupid twinkies!

Murphy's Law

I don't know what you were doing has to do with Darwins law, unless you are saying you are not fit for survival. Seriously, running with a twinke in your mouth, it doesn't get any more dangerous than that. Couple the twinke with an ingrown toe nail and you were destined for an accident. Good to see you are still in the gene pool, hopefully.

All this also reminds me of Murphy's Law:
If anything can go wrong, it will

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That was hilarious, Zachv!

That was hilarious, Zachv!

"Only my twinkie muffled my high pitched screams"

Just thinking about that makes me laugh. I agree that the dwarinian philosophy might come into play with this anecdote. I'm sure you'll make the cut. Keep hope alive!

if you really want to live on the edge....

next time, try washing down that twinkie with a Coke and a packet of pop rocks...