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Booterwatch: fighting fire with fire

The recent story, What's this all a'boot?, that ran in the Daily Universe got me thinking about the boot I got on my car this past winter. When my booter came to take the boot off, I got in his face and took pictures with the idea of creating booterwatch, a listing of the slimy booters that infest the Provo / Orem area. Well, it's done, so take a look!.

The whole point here is to ... put pressure on these people so that they don't want to work as booters anymore. If this catches on, the booting companies will become less profitable, or at least less successful and ruining people's days, day after day.

I realize that there is actually a need for parking enforcement, but the current system is being badly abused. These companies are the lowest of the low. They're not going to fix themselves, so they need to be regulated more tightly by the city government. Hopefully, this will serve to highlight the problem and put pressure on the whole system to help affect change.

What do you guys think?

It's all a'boot stupid people parking where they shouldn't

Mason, I think your case is kind of isolated and you should be pissed at the Riv people more than the booter. Most people complain about getting booted when they know darn well that they shouldn't be parking there. I really don't feel sorry for people who get boots because only a small portion of people are getting "unfair" boots.

I think if you are just picking up a date or something and you get booted than that would be something to complain about. I also think that booters should be prompt to show up and remove any boots they put on cars. I've heard of stories about girls who had to wait for hours alone, late at night to wait for a booter to come remove the boot. I think that this is very wrong.

But don't get mad at these people cuz you parked in an illegal spot. I think they are very smart to profit on the stupidity of many of the college students here who think that they won't get booted and then get mad when they do. It's like they think if they stick their hand in the fire they won't get burned. Pure stupidity plain and simple.

I personally have never been booted. Of course, I always make sure I'm parked legally.

potty mouth!

And I thought this was a family site. What would your parents say if they saw the picture of your check? I didn't know an iPod owner could be capable of such hatred and foul mouthedness. Sounds like you're mad at everyone BUT the booter: the Riv, your friend, your friend's roommates, the lady at the Riv, etc.. The booter himself is just a scapegoat for your "Generation Me" angst. You've gone so Hollywood...

mason and his potty mouth

Wow, Mase, I didn't think you'd actually make the booter page; it looks nice.

I've never gotten a boot before but I've been towed, which is just as bad. Except for I had to pay $215 to get my car back out of impound.. I was robbed too.

two boot stories

i've been booted twice already at the raintree apartments where i am a resident.

story one.
this was totally not my fault, but my response to the boot was. the temporary pass that was on the back window of my truck fell off in the sun one day. coming back from a friends apartment, i saw the precious boot on the front tire. after calling to get it removed, i found the fallen permit behind my seat. stupid me slaps the permit back on and lies to the boot-lord about it always being on. boot-lord pulls out his video camera, shows there was no permit on when he booted. realizing this was my lesson on "wo unto the liar for they shall pay a $40 fee", i forked up the $40 and got the boot removed.

story two.
this just happened last week. i returned home after work and needed to quickly change my clothes before running some errands. because of the packed parking lot at raintree, i decided to park my car outside my apartment. while it was not in a stall, there are no signs or red painting indicating a no parking zone, neither was i double parked. i chose to park here because people often park here to run in their apartments real quickly. as i got out of my car it was 10:40, i changed and ran back out at 10:45. what did i see? within those few minutes, the boot-lord had already placed a boot on my car (the note he left indicated 10:43).

i argued with the boot-lord about him booting my car so quickly. he bragged about his speed in being able to boot and/or tow a car and said that even though it was a few minutes, it was a fire hazard. somehow his logic was that if i had left my hazard lights blinking, it would have magically not been a firehazard. i asked him how long he'd take to tow if if i didn't pay to get the boot removed. he said it'd be at least two hours. somehow, this boot-lord's logic makes it a dangerous fire hazard for my car to be there for three minutes, but somehow it's ok for him to leave it there for a few hours. basically, the boot-lord was mentally retarded.

i found out after getting my boot removed that the university parking enforcement has a policy that they wait ten minutes before they tow or boot a car. that didn't happen. i should be able to appeal and get my $40 back.

what urks me the most with these boot-lords is that they won't remove the boots without the money... no matter how wrong they are. they make us take the burden of their stupidity and force us to go through a lame (over two-week) appeal process if we want our money back. these guys are taking advantage of poor college students who can't afford to lend $40 to these greedy bastards for a couple weeks.

i wish i knew of your campaign sooner, cuz i would have definitely taken a picture of this mentally handicapped boot-lord.

for those interested i have posted a copy of what i believe is the current provo cide code concerning booting and towing. here's the link

it happened again

it happened again.

another boot.

i wasn't a happy boy this morning.

when i moved into raintree apartments in the beginning of the summer, i was told that my parking pass was going to be good for the year and that i would not have to get a new one. i went in earlier this week to pay rent and was told that i had to buy a new one. i figured the girl at the desk didn't know what she was talking about, paid for the pass, and decided to hold onto it until i could verify that i had to buy a new one. if i didn't need to, then i could return it and get my money back. i got back to my apartment and told my roommate what happened. he had been told the same thing which gave me more reason to hold back on putting on the pass.

when i lived at the crestwood, they left notes on everyone's apartments and used warning stickers a few days before they began to boot cars. i figured the same would happen here. i was obviously wrong.

this morning both my roommates suv and my car had boots on them.

it's time to fight back... but how?

i made a sign to go along with my parking sticker...

i think we should mass print some stickers for people to put next to their parking stickers to let these fascists know how we feel.

send in your thoughts on how to deal with this crap.

again you're going after the wrong people

You guys should be getting mad at your apartment complexes for giving you misinformation. The booter's have a job to do and they do what the apartment complexes tell them to. If you guys want to get something done about it then talk to the complexes.

F!@$ UPE

I have had a couple unjust incidents with this bastard organization of thieves. I had been given an unjust boot (long story) at a store I was SHOPPING at. The booter told me that he had video tape of me leaving the property, but refused to show me it. He told me $50. It was midnight and I had no money to pay for it. He told me to call someone to get the money, but I told him I was NOT going to wake someone up to lend me money, it's just an idiotic thing to do. So after much fighting, he agreed to take the boot off if I came into the office by noon the next day and paid the fee. He told me they don't do this usually because it is a "filing nightmare". When I got to the office the next day, nobody was there, I had to CALL for someone to come and take my money. The office consisted of an empty room containing only a card table and a fax machine, and a closet FULL of boots( no filing of any sort was to be seen). The person arrived and took my money WITHOUT even asking my name. How did he mark my name off the list as paid? Did such a list exist? When I asked the ass clown about it he said, "he just knew". These guys make EMPTY threats to make money. Somebody ought to make anti-UPE bumper stickers, I'd buy a dozen.....

Would be effective if and only if ...

... you actually only posted pictures from people who were illegally booted or abusively treated on a legal boot, with stories of about three hundred words. Because then, you see, you've got compelling evidence that speaks for itself, and you're in a position to say, (a) these guys are evil, and (b) booting actually prolongs the busy-spot problem.

Whereas if you host even one twelve-hundred-word story whose point turns out to be, "I was a bozo, and they went by the book treating me like one, but I'm mad," you discredit the whole effort. (Especially if you get vulgar.) Nobody's going to care, because nobody's going to read it, because whiny college-kid websites are a dime a dozen.

So if a booter got you illegally, stonewalled its appeals process, et cetera, make it known and shut 'em down. If the jughead was you, make like a mensch and suck it up. Or at least do your whining in private.


I guess that you can say that we are the lowest of the low but we perform a much needed service NOT to YOU the ones who get booted or towed But to the Companys and businesses and Apartments that have a parking problem with the students that feel that they can park anywhere! the same students that almost always lie, that they were only there 5 minutes or that they JUST ran in for a second or what ever excuse that can come up with not to get booted or towed.
We have laws and ordinances to strictly control what we are allowed to do and the police enforce those. So before you start putting out STORIES and thats what they are find out the facts before you whine gripe or complain about how unfair we are and remember YOU WERE IN VIOLATION take some self responsibiliy! we will continue to do our job because YOU MAKE IT A MUCH NEEDED ONE

People that HATE booters

What's wrong with you people. You dislike booters because they enforce the law?! It's people like you that think we should legalize marijuana, regress to the barter system of trade, elect John Kerry, and turn control of our country to the UN. I've been booted because I parked in the wrong spot. It happens, get over it. I've also been in the University Parking enforcement offices. The picture you have is one of the owners and he has it as his screen saver so everyone that sees it can laugh and the kids that have nothing better to do than to take picture of booters.

Sincerely Yours,
Get a life

funny story

One time my roommate got booted and he didn't have money so they stole his golf clubs from him as collateral against the $50!

booters enforce the law?!

Booters don't enforce any law!! That's a bunch of BS if I ever heard any! They enforce FREAKING PARKING LOTS!! That's the problem with you booters, you think you're serving society or something!! That seriously makes me laugh. "Ooh, look at me, I get paid because I lock people's cars in and make them give me cash before I unlock them, aren't I valuable to the world??"

Self-righteous bastards.

Enforce vs. Protected

Apparently the knuckle dragging sub humanoid lifeforms have issues with basic vocabulary. So let's help them understand the key mistake here. Enforcement is a function where you have authority given under the law to enforce the law. There is no law saying that an illegally parked car MUST be booted and/or towed. And if there were such a law, fines would be paid to the governmental entity responsible for such enforcement. Protection to perform acts under the law means that your business is allowed to operate in conditions that might be otherwise unfavorable. I've actually read the city code, and the laws written in there allow the subhumanoid lifeforms to operate under a set of pretty strict guidelines.

If you wish to have any credibility, you knuckle dragging, sub humanoid life forms, sign up for an account here on Provo Pulse so we can address you by name. You can even use a fake name in case you think we might want to track you down. Seeing as how we have nothing better to do, other than parking illegally.

For the record, I believe in strict drug laws, including stiffer prosecution of mary jane. I am a firm believer of the capitalistic system that allows scum like you to operate, and I plan on voting for George W Bush. Ask tyler durden or LaurenceB if you dount the veracity of those statements.

Amazing thought... Class action

We need to get some solid evidence together so we can file a class action lawsuit against these so called "parking enforcement" punks. Detailed logs of when and where you were booted. What you were doing when you got booted. Why the boot was illegal. How much time it cost you because you were booted. What the boot demons said to you as to the reasoning to the booting. I don't know what constitutes a class action law in Utah... but if we can pull 20 or 30 people together, it will make the case so much stronger. Tell your friends, let's make it big and strong. Remember... LOTS OF DETAILS.

For the record...

I believe that there are some legitimate cases of fraud here, but I think that they're few and far between compared to the number of people who illegally park in Provo/Orem. Sorry, but I've never gotten a single boot in the three years I've been here, simply because I choose to make good parking decisions, and I have little sympathy for people who say "Well I was only triple-parked in the handicapped spots for ten minutes"; bottom line, you're parked illegally. And in the cases where I see people parked illegally at Centennital II, they don't need to! There is plenty of parking, it's just much too far for them to walk so they're justified (at least in their own simple minds)!

Listen, you people who hate the booters because you can't park at Wal-Mart and go to a UVSC function, or get a boot because you lock yourself out of your car when you're parked illegally - cut it out. Are you the same folks who decide to walk across the crosswalk when it says "Don't Walk" at the Wilkinson center because it obviously doesn't apply to you? Are you the same people who ride the elevator in the Kimball tower one floor when it's clearly marked "Take Stairs to First and Third Floors!" and don't stop to consider that people with legitimate business have to stand there and wait on the 11th floor because you can't drag your carcass one measly flight of stairs? If so, stop complaining; you're finally getting called on your "Rules Don't Apply To Me" attitude, and frankly, you should more often. Just follow the rules that apply to everyone, because not only do you deserve a boot when you're parked illegally, it pisses everyone else off that while they follow the rules, you don't; and that means that we need to have parking enforcement!

Blame it on who is actually responsible...the property owners!

So in reading all of these comments one can and will come to the conclusion that "most" of you don't know anything about how booting works.

First of all lets get where the blame (if any) should be placed. UPE is a business, who's product is a SERVICE. This service cannot be utilized UNLESS SOMEONE IS HIRING THEM TO DO IT. C'mon now people, you don't seriously think that UPE goes around booting anyone just because they can. Comparing UPE to cops and any other part of our justice system is laughable! If you want to know why your car was booted and who can ultimately decide what happens with whether you recieve your money back or not, you should be seeking out the owner of the premises that you were booted on. The Property Owners MAKE ALL THE RULES AND TELL UPE WHEN AND HOW TO ENFORCE THEM. Here's the catch: Any property management company who hires UPE will almost always back them up. You need to look at the big picture here, UPE wouldn't exist unless there was a reason for them to. Property owners MUST have a certain number of parking stalls to accomodate the number of tenants that they have, this is a City Ordinance. So to help you understand we'll use the Riv as an example, these numbers won't be correct, we'll just use them for effect. Lets say the Riv has room for 600 tenants, so to follow City Ordinance the Riv makes 600 stalls for the tenants and we'll say an extra 50 visitor parking stalls (which is being very generous). In order for The Riv to stay in business they have to stay in line with the afore mentioned ordinance. This is where UPE comes into play, they help properties like The Riv stay in business by maintaining the 600 or so stalls called for by the city ordinance. I've been booted twice myself and I felt exactly like most of you do now. However, my opinion totally changed when I bought a couple of duplexes of my own. I thought I could get away without using any type of enforcement but my own for about six months, and sorry to say it folks but I became an "employer" (which is what any apartment complex or company that hires UPE becomes) of UPE. No matter what I tried including posting signs, painting the stalls, even just straight towing the cars away it was still a CONSTANT problem. After getting bad reviews for not having any parking for my tenants I finally had had enough. So just think about it, if your living at a complex, apartment, or duplex and your friend gets booted its to help ensure you have a place to stay. Not to mention if your friend gets booted YOU should pay for it for not telling him/her what the parking rules are, we'll call it an idiot fee.

The same procedure applies to retail and shopping areas, I'm not as familiar with what the city ordinance is for them but common sense can see why one would use UPE even without it being needed by law. The Wal-Mart by UVSC is a perfect example, if people think just because you go into Wal-Mart and buy something you have the right to park in their parking lot while you go to class across the street. UPE video-tapes every single boot and records each plate number, the date, time, and boot number (this makes it hard for you to get away with taking the boot and the boot sticker off). And I know first-hand that they videotape you walking from your car to UVSC. Once again the reason you are being booted is NOT BECAUSE OF UPE! Wal-Mart hired them to boot you, so why are you mad at UPE?

UPE like ANY other business employs people, and people aren't perfect. So if someone makes a mistake and boots your car on accident sure it can be frustrating for you (just as it was for me) but I bet you've made a couple of mistakes that frustrated somebody, because we all know that you aren't perfect either.

Bottom line people: If you want results go straight to the top, and complain about the real people who are in charge of why you get booted. Ignorance is bliss, but those who don't learn are fools!

Not all services are good

The service UPE provides is likened unto that of a hitman, outsourcing of the dirty work. Just because someone is paying you doesn't mean it is right.

I have never been booted, I have had one friend that has been booted twice while visiting my apartment complex. He deserved both of them. He payed, went his own way, upset about his own stupidity. UPE provided a so-called "service" (to whom I dunno, neither parking lot ever filled up) and conducted business honestly. The moment UPE starts slapping boots on people unethically, they deserve to have people upset with them and exercising their freedom of speech. Don't expect to exploit people and not have them revolt against you.

When I make a mistake and it involves stealing $50 dollars from someone's pocket I would hope to think I have the integrity to return it.

A response...

There are a few flaws in the above argument.

First of all, UPE does NOT videotape every boot. I have personally watched one of them (at the Glenwood) walking around placing boots. Maybe at YOUR parking lot they do, and that's great, but saying they consistently do it is false.

Second, while the city DOES have an ordinance requiring adequate parking for all tenants, it also has with it a grandfather clause. There are a number of complexes (again, the Glenwood) that cannot even come close to accomadating all the tenants. It is too old and they simply don't have property to expand on to add parking. But even then it isn't completely true, because I lived in a complex where the landlord provided two parking spots for each apartment (of four people). The ordinance is good in theory but not practical in real life.

Third, nobody is contesting that parking is a problem in Provo/Orem. But the complexes do NOT set the rules. A simple drive by of a few major housing areas monitored by UPE will show that the same rules and fines apply almost everywhere. There are small discrepancies, like whether or not it is a $50 fee or a $55 fee, but UPE runs its own practice. In fact, UPE has pretty much got a monopoly on the parking enforcement business, and if they don't, well, I've never heard complaints about other similar companies. BYU is excellent with parking enforcement. They keep parking spots open and there aren't any webpages dedicated to their overthrow (that I'm aware of).

I had a friend who looked into being a booter. UPE pays on commission. That stands as a fact that is hard to contest and say, "well people make mistakes in this business, just like any other." It's not true. When people have a cash incentive to lie or cheat others, the likelihood of being dishonest skyrockets. This is the same reason many people are more comfortable shopping with businesses where employees are not paid on commission; they feel less pressure and more honesty coming from a salesman who has little to gain from a purchase. If booters were paid by the hour and not by commission, this page wouldn't even exist.

Finally, the scare tactics, e.g. TAMPERING WITH THIS BOOT WILL RESULT IN A CHARGED FELONY AND/OR A $500 FINE!!! are obviously not completely effective, because I've removed a number of boots and haven't yet returned them and have never heard a word from "the offending company" or any police entity. The papers they put on the windows are empty threats.

I almost feel a need to say that I do NOT condone parking in a spot you aren't entitled to, that my opinions against the corrupt company named are not because of the work they do but because of the unjust and unethical work they do. So park your car in your own spot and stretch your legs a little folks, before you come crying about how you hate the booters.

A suggestion

Mason, you wrote:
"They're not going to fix themselves, so they need to be regulated more tightly by the city government."
Everything University Parking Enforcement does is regulated by local and state governments. UPE works with several police officers on a regular basis in cases of stolen boots, etc. If they weren't a legitimate company, or if they were really as low as everyone is saying, do you think they'd be that comfortable working with law enforcement so closely? My guess is probably not. The government has certain regulations regarding how much a company can charge for a tow fee, booting fee, storage fee, etc., so UPE and other companies have to abide by those laws. For example, tow companies are not allowed to charge more than $110 for a tow. The Provo/Orem ordinances state that the maximum amount for a boot fee is $55. Someone wrote something about filing a class action lawsuit - okay idea, I guess, as long as you know a company is doing something illegal. If you can't prove through laws and ordinances that a company is doing something illegal, chances are you're not going to have much of a case on your side. If you guys really want things to change, you have the power to do it. Since these companies are regulated by the government, then write to your government officials and try to have it changed! That would probably more effective than whining and fussing about it. I understand how people get pissed, but do something about it.

A possible alternative

I've been rolling this idea around in my head for the last couple of days. There could be a way to change the current booting situation. I need more information, and all the insight I can get so PLEASE respond to this comment. I'd also love to get my hands on that September 7 article "What's this all a'boot?" but since the Daily Universe doesn't archive its articles for very long I don't know if I can. Anyway, here's a rought outline of my plan.

From what I've gathered from a classmate (who is a booter), there are three different booting companies that work in Provo. Each company has its independent contracts with businesses and apartment complexes and each has its own policies on appeals, % commission to booters, etc.

What if we set up a database that connects these three companies? This database would charge those who wished to be on it a minimal monthly fee of like $3 and would keep on file a customer's name, license plate number and cell phone number. The money would be collected by a third party, separate from the booting companies.

With this database in place, a booter would be required to look up the license plate in the database and (if the record exists) call the owner of the car and give him/her a 5 minute warning before he slaps the boot on. Since cell phones are so popular, this would work in warning potential botees most of the time.

I've been thinking of how that residual income would be divided among booting companies so that they would not want see a dip in their profits and also would not have incentive to abuse the system. I'm still working on that. Anyway, I could really use some more information on this subject. If anyone has access to the aforementioned article or other information, please post it here or email me at

Let's work out a system and then make legislature or someone pass it!

re: a possible alternative

I think that idea is pretty much against what this page stands for. So rather than booters getting fifty bucks all at once on a chance/unethical opportunity, innocent students are paying $36 a year for nothing. That plan runs on the concept that said booters would be honest and make the call in the first place, and integrity is not something they (generally speaking) have exhibited here in Provo. Besides, connecting the three main booting companies in the Provo/Orem area empowers the booting companies. It allows them the ability to lose competition and further screw students. While it's nice to see a new idea out there, I just don't think this one would fly, and even if it did, I don't see it working.

I've also been thinking about a plan; this one is much simpler in nature. Just get the landlord to drop the parking enforcement company. I don't think it would be too hard to make your thoughts known. For example, if you're thinking about moving the The Colony, you can go in, talk to the managers about getting an application, and then say, "Well if UPE enforces your parking, I will find another place to live. They have dealt with me and my friends very dishonestly over the past year or two." Or even better, if you already live there, get a petition together. Go see other students at your complex, have them sign a petition that the management find another parking enforcement company. Present it in large numbers. Even in Provo, where landlords are pretty close to parking enforcement companies as being lowlife scum, if you have fifteen people complain all at once with a signed list of students agreeing, chances are they will take you seriously.

Why aren't there more booter pics?

I completely agree that this booting thing is out of hand. I have seen a guy lurking in the shadows at the Quarry next to Movies 8, like some kind of rapist or serial killer, waiting for easy prey. How would it be to have a job like that?



I am writing in response to t

I am writing in response to the individual on 10/24/2004 who claims to work for UPE and who says that he has charged the full $500 fine on three occasions with police officers present.

At this point I am neither writing about the good or bad of booting, but simply to report that that is completely false. I have been commissioned to do a study on booting and have researched it from a number of points of view--that certainly includes the legal aspects of the practice.

The law prohibits any private institution or group that has not been granted express legislative permission to levy a fine. In the case of UPE, they can approach either the state of Utah or the city governments of Orem or Provo depending and ask them to prosecute an individual for up to $500 dollars. However, the money cannot be required on demand or on the spot or in any way like that.

If your claim is indeed true that you have carried out the fine of $500 on three occasions with a police officer present then you are walking on illegal ground by denying due process and exacting fines without express legistlative consent granting limited police power.

Please do not write accusing others of breaking the law (though that is what they have done in many instances) by using lies and threats to demotivate them.

Both sides have a side, but demagougery is not the means by which to establish the morality of your case.

Mason: Unfortunately for y


Unfortunately for your position, the $500 fine is viewed, legally speaking, from a different standpoint than the $40 to $55 fine imposed on a regular boot. That lesser fine is legally granted as no more than half the price that can be charged on a non-consensual towing situation. That limit has been set at $110. The $500 per incident without further review (or due process) would be viewed as unreasonable, but can be appropriately exacted if UPE goes through the proper channels, which I am told, they have upon occasion. It, however, is only UPE's asking price. The judge will determine in each individual situation how much to whom. I am not personally aware of any situations where the fine has been awarded, but have not conducted a study on that yet.

Daily Herald Want-Ad

The Daily Herald
JOB TITLE: General Help Wanted
PUBLISHED: 01/08/2005- 01/11/2005
JOB DESCRIPTION (Reference No. 146905)
Parking Enforcement Worker/Booter. Part/ Full time. Evenings. Black Diamond Parking Services 377-3573

Regular Part-time Full-time

to stupid chuck and cool Jake

Just some guy

I am absolutely amazed at the stupidity of chucks logic. He doesn't even make sense and sounds like a damn fool. I have been towed a few times but I have never been booted. I do agree that with some of the parking lots in provo it is unnecessary to enforce booting or towing. But for the most part, these people who build these complexes around here are so stupid and don't make enough parking spots for the tenants and their friends. It causes them to have to hire the booting companies. Why bag on the booters? They make good money I hear. If you want to rip on someone rip on the owners of the complexs that hire the booting companies. These attacks on the booter guys is pretty unnecessary. As far as the ticket alternative goes, it is very difficult for companies that are not state or federal to collect "ticket" fines. Very hard to enforce (as far as the law goes). It only makes sense that the boot is a better alternative for the booter companies to make sure they don't get screwed as a business. Welp see ya later.

I am a booter

Of course you are going to say that he accepted your check because you cant be humiliated by a BOOTER! Is that all you have to say about my comment?? Thats what I thought.

Novel Concept

Why not just go around jacking the signs so that there is no warning that you could get towed or booted. I'd love to see a parking enforcement company get sued because they either booted or towed a car away from a lot that didn't have any signs on it.


I am a booter

Chuck, you are a classic case of one who never learns. You should really learn to FOLLOW THE RULES and this wouldnt happen. If the boot is on the tire, legally, the fine can be collected. Maybe next time you could leave your car on or better yet, put the flashers on. What an idea! Go ahead, blame it on the booters,dont take responsability for your own actions. Everyone knows that it is in your hands to make a change. We are simply contracted by the managements and enforce the rules that they give us. They need our services or we wouldnt be enforcing parking rules for all of provo and orem!