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Utah's low wages

from the so-who's-buying-all-these-H2's dept.
The Daily Herald is reporting on new figures which show that "Real wages continue to decline in Utah and are failing to keep up with the rest of the country." (And it goes on with more in-depth info.)

Does anyone know why Utah seems to always have this low-wage problem? And yes I do know that the cost-of-living here is lower than lots of other places or whatever, but ... from what I've heard the average wage minus the cost-of-living is still worse than much of the rest of the country. Does anybody know why this is?

Could it be that lots of big companies are hesitant to invest here because of Mormon stigmas? Take Best Buy for instance. I've been told that the very last metropolitan area they entered was Salt Lake City. If you ask me, it sounds like big-businesses are a little scared of Utah, which I'm sure contributes to our economy lagging behind that of other places.

Best Buy

There is one coming to Orem, so hopefully this will be a boost.