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Obesity Set to Overtake Tobacco as Number-One Killer

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Curtis writes: "Voice of America is running an article about the increasing problem of obesity in America. They cite a study that indicates that if America continues at it's current pace, more people will be dying each year due to obesity related issues than tobacco. The study also states that obesity costs our economy $90 Billion each year and 300,000 premature deaths. I'm amazed that this has become such a problem. I think much of our problem is due to the fact that our lives are becoming increasingly busy and stopping to exercise and to cook good meals has just become too costly for many people." A good point. What do you guys think about the problem? Is it something you see becoming more of a problem for you as you grow older?

Re: Obesity Set to Overtake Tabacco as Number-One Killer

This comment was originally posted by Anonymous on the old site:

Obesity is grotesque. I think we need to turn off the tv and get up and do something! I think it stinks that the most inexpensive foods are those which are completely unhealthy. I mean, how many dollar menus are out there which serve quick appetite fixes which are so fattening? How often do we buy ice cream and soda pop because it was cheap? How often de we get ice cream after a date, because it's convenient? How often do we opt exercise for our favorite tv show? How often do we opt to take the stairs? I know many students who, if they had it their way, would prefer an escalator replaced by the RB stairs to make it easier on them. Why does there have to be sugar in EVERYTHING? Honestly, are lives are centered around sugar, and I'm tired of it. I mean, look at yogurt, it has about 27g of sugar. Look on your cereal box, I bet sugar is listed within the first 3 ingredients. When we go to activities, why do we always serve treats...high in carbs and sugar? Why is it that healthy foods at restaurants, stores, etc are more expensive? I think politicians who are trying to promote healthy eating should be applauded. I think America is way past due to take action to sugar and fat.

I admit, with the questions I raise, I am not pointing fingers because I myself fall into some of these traps, but how can we fix it? I think it is a problem which will steadily increase and we need to find ways to exercise and eat healthy with more convenience. Life itself it not going to get any easier with less tasks to complete, but with less and less time and more and more things to do. We need to learn to prepare our foods and learn how to prepare it efficiently. It would be wonderful if there were more ways which we could exercise. When I'm at work, it'd be nice if there was a small gym to do a quick 30 min. rountine or that the BYU gym could have WORKING machines and better equipment. Again, there is no blame being pointed, but something needs to be done with "The Overweight America". We need more veggies served than meat, more veggies served than carbs at restuarants.

I went to Europe and I saw 80 year old women in great shape. It made me think why? They walk and ride thier bikes everywhere. They are always moving. Maybe it would be something to think about, is our way of life really better? How can we improve it?

I am passionate about this topic because I KNOW something NEEDS to be done quickly!

Re: Obesity Set to Overtake Tobacco as Number-One Killer

This comment was originally posted by trish on the old site:

In general, as a society I think people are recognizing that a healthy diet is imperative. Why? There's evidence all around us, we are becoming obsessed with dieting. From Subway to the Aktins diet--we're aware that we all want to be that American idol because thin is in! (although I really disagree with the Aktin's approach to weight loss and many other diets out there.)

The actual word diet to me means, the foods you eat. As a person seeking weight loss, I realize it is also important to watch not only what I eat but what I do with myself in the meantime. I try to work out about 3 times a week to keep my tummy at bay and keep myself healthy.

I think obesity isn't becoming a huge problem as it seems. I think we as Americans are aware through media that healthiness is in, and that fatty foods and such are out. Why? Because I don't know if you've noticed, but fast food commericals are starting to say, "only 10 grams of fat" when they advertise their whopper or big mac. It's really starting to take hold that we should care about the foods we eat.

Yeah and I think that's all I wanted to say.