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2nd Rate Gym

from the i-want-to-buff-you-up department
Basically, what it all boils down to is the BYU gym is archaic, cram packed, and more hassle than it's worth. It's good to know that our football team has recently been moved to a superior facility. I am not trying to be bitter against the football team. Even though their performance has struggled recently they still deserve to have a premium training facility.

The problem is the other 29,000 students should not be limited to such small facilities. During few hours of the day when classes are not going on ... the gym is packed with gray shirted BYU students. Now ... how are we going to get buff and impress the ladies if we're waiting in line?

When one turns elsewhere to workout he is bombarded with blonde bombshells and marketing strategies that leave you feeling like you've been taken. I guess it's just part of the BYU experience.

I just don't work out.

Sure I may regret it later but it avoids a lot of the hassle now. I just compensate by developing an eating disorder.

Tell me about it!!

I really like how some of the weights are in kilograms and others are in pounds.

When I first heard that the n

When I first heard that the new athletic facility would include a brand new gym I thought surely the old athlete's gym would be opened up for students to use. It's disappointing that it wasn't.

The University of Texas (in my home town) has a huge gym for their students. I came to BYU thinking this was a standard at most universities, but I guess it's not.

There's always 24 Hour Fitness ... it's pretty nice.