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Wait, so you're saying I still need a babysitter?

from the spirit-goes-to-bed-at-midnight dept.
At this very moment I am flaming, steaming mad. I am enraged, outraged, and incensed. What has got me so riled up? The fact that an RA just came over and knocked on our door at 12:20 to let us know that he had seen a boy coming in our apartment and that it was past curfew. I should have asked him if he would heat my bottle and tuck my blanky around me as I crawled into bed.

Good thing BYU is here to take care of me, because I don’t know what I would do on my own. I love BYU and I will probably stay here all four years, but as my friend says, if I want to fornicate I will do it anyways. I agree with the article that the Pulse pointed out that was published in the Daily Herald in which the boys asked for the abolishment of the honor code. Let us live the way we are by choice, not by force. Isn't it called free agency for a reason?


Do you live in Heritage or something? I thought the only RAs were in the dorms ...

stop your whining

oh waahhh, you have an anal RA. thank him for his loving concenr, and go about your business. are you breaking a rule by being up late? no, so stop sweating it. i have more trouble with people who complain about this kind of nonsense than i do about the tard who told you it was past your curfew. use your brain and ignore it. good golly.

Did the on campus thing once already

Nope, living off campus in King Henry. I didnt know that they would be bothering us here. I think we might have lived somewhere else if we had known..................

You don't have to go to BYU...

Part of attending BYU is abiding by the Honor Code. There is no one holding a gun to your head forcing you to go to BYU. If you don't like the Honor Code, then go somewhere else.

Stupid complaint

Look, if you agreed to live at King Henry than don't be b*tching because they are enforcing a rule that you agreed to. Sure I think its stupid that they have RAs at King Henry but I also think that people who think they are above the rules are stupid as well. If you can't even obey a simple rule like that than maybe you do need a babysitter.

it is your choice

Noone, except maybe your parents, is forcing you to go to BYU. Since you chose to go to BYU, you also freely signed the honor code. Live by it. If you want to fornicate, go elsewhere. BYU is a scarce commodity in the Church and there are thousands, if not millions, who wish they had the chance to go to BYU and who would gladly live by the honor code if ungrateful people such as you would leave to make room for them.


How's that for a beating Jen? =)

Now you meant to say that you agreed with the idea of abolishing BYU's approved housing system, not the entire honor code, right? I think it came off wrong.

Anyway, I can see why you're irritated over the out-at-midnight rule in this case ... It's demeaning to have some enforcer come over and treat you like a child when you weren't going to do anything ... but overall I'm glad for the out-at-midnight thing mostly because it's a good excuse to get the girls to leave so I can go to bed.

Thanks Mason

I try not to take all of this criticism to heart, I love BYU and I will stay here all 4 years, and I think you are the only one who understood what I was trying to say. Its the housing policy that I disagree with, I think the honor code is great and something that only will help me attain my goal of temple marriage someday.

Submitting an article on here has been a good experience too, its nice to have my ideas challenged, its something that doesnt happen to often in real life (either because I dont express my opinions enough or else there arent any people who are brave enough to disagree face to face). I'll try it again some time. Its like talking on the soap box in the square, something that I have always thought about doing.

that was me

john fowles

Let me get something straight

Jen, I know I came off pretty harsh and I really meant what I said about it being stupid to complain about something like that. Rules are rules and you gotta obey them if you sign the contract. However, I think the housing policy is retarded as well. I disagree with the amount of control that BYU tries to take over its student body.

I was also in a really bad mood when I wrote the comment. sorry.