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Another alleged BYU Footballer rape

from the please-not-again dept.
I have no time to comment on this but USA Today is reporting that a group of BYU Football players are being charged with rape. It's a similar situation to the incident this past school year. Anyway, just go read the article. More to come.

The End is Here!

And it came to pass that the Lord became angry with the football team of BYU. And the Lord did smite them that they did have another losing season because of their iniquities. And the alumni did wax sore against Coach Crowton and he was banished from the land of Provohemla and was never seen again.

I've had it!

What's with the football team? Every time you turn around there's another football-player-turned-felon making headlines for either beating or raping someone.

Am I right in thinking that we're having more problems with this than other schools? This is BYU for crying out loud! If you're felon-in-training why don't you go to some party school? Why do we have this problem?

This is kind of a weird thing to say, but if these guys were going to ASU, they probably wouldn't be in this mess. They wouldn't "need" to gang-rape a passed-out 17 year old because there would be more than enough consenters around.

This makes me sick.

More links

This KUTV story gives a few more details, and there's a lively discussion going on here.

Maybe they're just stupid

Maybe they thought that it wasn't Brigham Young University but that it was Bang'em Young University.

the honor code confuses me i guess

im a possible future byu attendee in the next year or so as i get my transfer classes finished up...but how is it that (what this article says) that there have been multiple players who have been suspended for a whole season and one kicked off the team for alcohol and sex. yet when julie (real world '00 i think, new orleans) stayed in the same house with a guys and there was no footage of her doing anything else...she got completely booted from school. i dont get that. anybody, anybody...? maybe somebody can help me understand. maybe i read it wrong. i mean, if the honor code is that debatable, i dont want to get kicked out if i dont read my scriptures or something.

ooo ...

that's a good point, swifty.

looks like a case of double standards to me ... I'm not sure what to think.

(BTW, you wouldn't happen to know anything about Kerry's Vietnam service would you? =)

Kerry in Nam

Scrape on the knee = Purple Heart.