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Provo Pulse site news

from the preparing-for-liftoff dept.
Well guys, this has been an interesting summer for the site. It's taken a lot of work to get this thing together, but it was time well spent.

I'm excited to get back to Provo for fall semester. Things should really heat up around here during the next few weeks. Word of will spread quickly among the BYU student body ... I can feel it. And getting the word out will be easier now that there's an "email this story" link under each article.

I'm looking to improve the site in any way possible. The two areas which need the most improvement are ease-of-use and visual appeal.

As far as the site's look is concerned ... I think the image of the mountains at the top of the page is too tall. It's always been too tall, but I've struggled to see how it can be changed to look better. I also think the transition between the image and the orange background is a little awkward.

Also, on some monitors the image / background look washed out. How does it look for you guys? Bright and colorful? or dull and faded?

How about ease-of-use? Is there anything that seems out of place? Do you feel like you understand the site's purpose? Would your friends understand the basic idea of on their first visit?

Y'all have a better grasp of this stuff than I do, so please share your thoughts.

Wow, Mason said "y'all"...

Yo, yo. I agree about the mountains being too tall, but I really like the contrast between the image and the orange. Don't change that. I'll keep you posted if I find anything else... I always do. =)

happy valley flogging

i dig your site, man. you have inspired me to add more to my Y blog. plus i am just really really bored on these work-related road trips.

time-warped Y blog

So you're the guy who's done the Y blog? I like it. it's cool, and different, like a time machine because all the stories are things that happened years ago but they're being posted now. thanks for the complement

Cool blog. I think the font

Cool blog. I think the font (used in for the submitted postings) is too big. Also, I'd like to see more than one posting when I bring up your blog, instead of having to scroll down all the time. I've never been able to figure out what I "get" if I create a User account. Also, I'd like the weather report to be at the top.

My 2 cents

The colors look good to me, but I agree it is too tall. I also think you should have a list near the top on one of the sides that says what the new articles are. That way I wouldnt have to scroll all the way down the page to check to see if I have read everything. That makes me sound so lazy, but you asked about ease of use. I also agree the font is too big, I even have big fonts on my computer and I think this one is huge.

Question-Is anyone else having a hard time getting the ring surf page to load? I would love to joing the BYU blog ring but the page never loads for me. Do I just need to let it sit forever?

Scrolling down

Yeah I'm with you guys on the scrolling down thing ... reducing the height of the y mountain image should help with that. I've also been thinking of getting rid of the whole " [n.] 1. Port of entry 2. ..." thing to help with this problem. People want to see the site's actual content right away, scrolling down is a big hassel. Do you guys think I should ditch it? If I do I'll move the link for the faq etc to some other covenient location, like the top left sidebar.

Jen, I guess I'm even more geriatric than you ... I love big fonts. My powerbook also has a fairly small monitor with a pretty high res screen so the fonts probably appear to be smaller for me than for most people. My dad was saying the same thing you said. Does anyone else think the main font should be smaller?

Colors anyone? Do they look washed out or not?

flogging, and then some more flogging

i think the font should be bigger. much bigger. i'm talking texas big. with a capital T.

and when i say bigger, i mean smaller, actually. ok, i don't really care. just wanted to throw in the word 'texas'

ok, actually its 1:42am and i am just delirious. ignore me.


so you like the contrast ... well do you think it would look good if the edges of the mountain image were kinda torn or jagged, like as if it was cut out using those cloth cutting scissors?

what about the colors being faded etc? Does it look that way to you?

well, you asked for our opinions... =)

yeah, ditch the "" stuff at the beginning. It just takes up too much room.

I, personally, like the big fonts. Whenever I look at the page at my parent's house, I always have to make the resolution lower so that it appears to be bigger. Maybe I just have a better monitor, but I think they are fine how they are.

Oh, I suppose it's just habit for me now, but the first thing I click on when I get here is the "recent additions" link. Maybe you could do something to make the new additions the first thing you see, or something... I'm not sure how to word what I'm trying to say, but something like that...

You could also make a scroll in the comment box. I always have to use the arrow key to navigate through my text when I'm typing, and it's annoying.

Umm.. I know, I'm asking a lot, but maybe a more customized bio page. I'm not saying to make it like a dating page, but maybe something where we can get a better feel for who we are..umm..posting(?) with.

Lastly, for now, THE COLORS LOOK FINE. (I'm starting to think that you are getting obsessed with how the colors look...) and no, don't zig-zag the edges. I think it looks cool. (But, if you insist on changing it, maybe you could play around with the banner and then we could all post on how good it looks, or doesn't.)

okay, nevermind...

Mason, did you add the bio and interest stuff to the "my info" page just now? I never noticed it before. But, if it's been there for a while now, then just ignore my comment on that. =)

Also, I don't want to have to RE-login every time I leave the page.. why did you change that? Plus, when I log back in, it sends me directly to my info page. I don't really like that either.. I already know who I am. I'd rather go directly to the recent additions page.

hmm ...

I'm not sure about this re-logging in stuff ... I haven't run into that problem. It sounds like it's going to be tricky to fix ... I'll look into it.

yeah, that "my info" stuff has been there for a long time.

Yeah, sending people to the my info page when they login is stupid ... I need to change that. It's disorienting.