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$50 fines for Provo River tubers without life-jackets

from the reasons-for-more-cops dept.

Disaster has been averted thanks to a few dedicated police officers. According to Provo's Daily Herald,

"We just want people to be safe," Hunter said. "We haven't had any incidents yet, but we just don't want to have anything happen to anyone."

Of course not everyone is happy about $50 fines. A few snide observers reportedly "scoffed at the idea, and said there is no reason to wear life jackets on a river that never gets deeper than two feet".

In response to the rebel-rousers, an insightful ... Daily Herald reader remarked:

This is a no brainer. I guess people are just stupid and willing to put their lives in danger and those of their children. Sometimes it takes a stiff fine to get people to wake up and think about what they are doing. But probably many will kick and scream. Oh well at least they will live to make another pay check so they can pay the fine instead of paying for a funeral. =)

It's good to see that the river will be staying safe for everyone to enjoy.

haha... my friends got ticket

haha... my friends got ticketed two weekends ago for this.

provo river

its not even a river more like a glorified creek. Those cops got nothing better to do.